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This card could be a lot of fun, maybe not in regular play, but in the right deck, it could make for a crazy game.

Say you are playing a hug deck, cast this on yourself then cast random spells to help others.
This card has so much silly potential if you consider casting it on self.
Posted By: Arcel (2/1/2012 1:11:18 AM)


Seems like sideboard material to me, no guarantee that your opponent will have enough instants/Soceries or quality one in order to justify the cardslot. Against green for example, mostly useless. Blue though, hello card draw and counterspelling their counterspell! This on a blue control player with no bounce = win, as it negates their whole card advantage strategy.
Posted By: jsttu (1/26/2012 3:40:30 PM)


This can be intense multiplayer psychology is you team up against said playing by verbally echoing each spell you copy. Imagine it:

CURSED PLAYER: I pay 4 For Bar The Door-
BOB: Bar The Dooorrrr....
NEVILLE: bar the doooorrrr....

It'll drive him insane :D
Posted By: Splizer (1/29/2012 5:51:42 PM)


Overall, this is a 'better' Hive Mind in that I like that it closes the dumb "Pact" Loophole while keeping most of the rest of the tricks you can do! :D I'm a huge, huge fan of Counterspells. In order for anyone to think Counterspells are fun at all and not get them condemned by Development, you need cards like this, NOT cards like Mental Misstep, so that people do have viable ways to beat Counterspell Guy. Guys like me. :3 So I love that feature of this card too. And I especially love that this card is Blue instead of Red, because it totally could have been Red, but nobody should actually get to Counter Spells without some Blue Mana.

Also, blindthrall is dumb as rocks. "Sideboard = Bad" is a stupid way to think. You basically just said that every Intelligence Agency should only be rated 3/5, when everyone knows James Bond gets a solid 6/5, every time. James Bond is the penultimate Sideboard Guy. I'd never send James Bond to go buy groceries. First, anyone can do ... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (12/12/2012 9:10:59 AM)


For a real classy play, you can counter whatever they tried to play with Counterlash and have the spell they played, too!

Posted By: ThisisSakon (1/26/2012 7:50:45 PM)


@majinara Commander is't normally the format in which you aim to get legacy combos. This card seems like a good amount of card advantage against any commander deck not completely creature orientated not to metion alot of fun
Posted By: Myrderous (1/30/2012 4:20:08 AM)


I really want my opponent to cast Reverberate with this curse on him, just so I can Reverberate the Reverberate, then use the Reverberated Reverberate to Reverberate the original Reverberate so that I can Reverberate the first spell. I like my shenanigans to be flavorful.
Posted By: FatLenny (2/10/2012 11:35:25 AM)


Here you go Pact decks, have fun.

or alternatively...

Here you go Group Hug EDH decks, have fun.
Posted By: Bazzoka (1/26/2012 7:49:28 PM)


Commander: At first I thought the copying effect would be mandatory. Then it would be fun with those pact spells, such as death pact. Or it would be fun in a chaos deck. But since opponents can choose whether to copy or not, I guess you just play it on an opponent and hope that the player will play instants and sorceries that are useful to you, and more useful to you than to other opponents.
Posted By: majinara (1/27/2012 3:41:32 AM)


Sideboard, as such it doesn't get higher than 3/5 from me.
Posted By: blindthrall (1/31/2012 9:16:52 PM)