Braid of Fire's Card of the Day #16

If anyone reflects a spells mana, it can be countered since we're all in this ice cave together? Is that what this is supposed to represent?

Flavor aside, this is one of the most interesting Magic cards in print.

The entire dynamic of the game is turned upside down. It affects every player immediately. Visceral emotions are called upon when this piece of cardboard lands on the table. Players cannot believe that this exist.

Ice Cave is the king of multiplayer games. When it is cast, the room gets as cold as the cave our planeswalker personas are now dueling in. Open mana from any player sharing a color is a threat, no matter the cards in their hand. The best thing about this card is that it does not create a subgame that feels separate from Magic, as other cards can do. It merely serves to emphasize a specific element of the game that calls for careful plays, and, unfortunately, a lot of stalemates... (see all)