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Another member of the azorois x/4 blocker wall of doom that probably bounces a centaur or something when it hits the field. Pretty solid limited card.
Posted By: Kurraga (10/29/2012 6:22:15 AM)


Its Obi-wan Kenobi
5/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (12/1/2012 1:48:41 PM)


I was wondering if it was the toughness that accounted for his cost, as Aether Adept was pretty much just a chump blocker post bouncing....
Posted By: psychichobo (12/5/2012 3:14:31 PM)


He's expensive, but since he's one of only two cards that have this ability in standard, he becomes important in, say, a flicker deck. With my flicker deck, he's in with Mist Raven to control the board. Since it's a long-term game, getting 5 mana is not an issue.

Posted By: Delphideck (12/6/2012 11:44:18 AM)


Cloudshift can make this guy a threat. Or any blinking card, really. His usefulness does not simply end after he is cast!
Posted By: MechaKraken (12/25/2012 6:57:50 PM)


Very expensive, but I can see where it is going. You can throw him into a Human build and use their flicker effects to bounce creatures back to the hand. 4 Toughness lets him survive 3 burn damage.
Posted By: Singe (1/4/2013 11:58:37 AM)


2/5. An overcosted. underpowered Aether Adept. In limited, its a little better, 3 to 3.5 out of 5.
Posted By: chrome_dome (1/12/2013 9:38:16 PM)


An excellent tempo/token killing wall in limited. The 1.5 rating is bizarre. I guess that's what happens when people compulsively rate cards they've never used....
Posted By: UberSoso (1/29/2013 5:19:04 AM)


Bleh. I'd rather see this crazy fellow...


{T} Exile Voidwielder and target creature.

Posted By: noobmag1 (3/15/2013 8:12:56 AM)


Combos well with Faerie Impostor to bounce it back to you.
Posted By: Floorsweeper (4/20/2013 5:02:54 AM)


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