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alphagprime: "In Exalted I'd rather have Knight of Glory. Prot B prevents Murder, Doom Blade, Go for the Throat, Black Sun's Zenith, Mutilate, and a host of other "destroy" spells. "

Wrong. Protection from black means it can't be damaged, enchanted/equipped, blocked, or targeted by anything black. Black Sun's Zenith and Mutilate don't do any of those things, so Knight of Glory dies to them just as easily as anything else with 1 toughness.
Posted By: Ultimario (8/10/2012 6:31:53 PM)


He laughs at your Oblivion Ring.
Posted By: Skericide (9/8/2012 12:35:16 PM)


This card has never disappointed; a house even beyond limited play. 4.5/5
Posted By: GlintKawk42 (3/16/2013 7:55:04 PM)


It's surprising just how many decks rely on white heavily enough that this dominates them. I use it to exalt flying lifegain creatures like Daggerdome Imp and Vampire Nighthawk.
Posted By: Arcesious (6/25/2013 9:24:55 AM)


My wife uses, almost exclusively, the White Deck. are there any ways, at all, that she can defend against it?
Posted By: kennethanderson (7/18/2013 10:11:29 PM)


With all the NWO and rules updates, Protection feels like the last piece of clunky old Magic hanging on to new cards. It confuses all but the most experienced players and frustrates the hell out of anyone who happens to get randomly hosed by it.
Please WotC, make an updated form of protection that isn't as much of a jerk! I am actually taking this out of one of my casual decks despite the wicked art and synergy, because it's feel bad when one of my junior Magic friends simply can't do -anything- to fight it.
Posted By: Opined_Fluke (7/19/2013 3:52:28 AM)


A nice cheap exalted trigger with protection is more than welcome in one of my decks.
Posted By: RamenAwesome (8/29/2013 6:33:27 PM)


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