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SERIOUSLY? so the 4 copies of just this spell that I'm always going to be using in just about every blue or partly blue deck will eliminate 28 cards? That's dang near half a small deck.

Posted By: Barjin-N-Blastum (7/10/2012 1:33:33 PM)


Hopefully Glimpse will come back in Gatecrash. For now, this will do. 3.5/5
Posted By: Continue (11/27/2012 9:32:21 PM)


Jace's such an ***.
Posted By: Tiggurix (7/23/2012 10:30:44 AM)


This card is not "bad" just because is is outclassed by Glimpse. It is a very solid card, and it even has a few advantages to Glimpse: it can be run in mono-blue, it's a common, and it costs about $20 less than its blue-black counterpart.

That said, let's still hope that Glimpse the Unthinkable will make it back to Standard in October for Return to Ravnica!
Posted By: Phage123 (7/12/2012 7:14:52 PM)


You know Gozoroth only searches for cards with CMC of 9, and not cards that CMC adds up to 9 right?
Posted By: cotf1692 (1/31/2013 9:52:13 PM)


Awesome Name! Sweet Reference! This Card Is Going To Rock Standard.

Posted By: rambocop (7/22/2012 10:57:33 PM)


Was there ever a time when the milling strategy was, well, a strategy and not merely a deck filled with 'Mill X cards' and a bunch of counterspells? The problem with mill these days is that its very much a brainless archetype in that you just mill, counter, mill, ad nauseam. In many ways the modern approach to milling mirrors the change that Poison unwent when it became Infect. Both milling and Poison went from being strategic, slow-play methods, to being brute force methods.
Posted By: Eternal_Blue (7/6/2012 11:07:03 PM)


This card has terrible flavor because it doesn't win the game for you.
Posted By: DeviousPie (10/11/2012 8:30:23 AM)


a good replacement for glimpse if u couldnt afford one.
Posted By: tmoporo (7/22/2012 9:45:52 AM)


This set gets yet another milling champion!
Posted By: Lotsofpoopy (9/3/2012 4:54:49 AM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!