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A good shout-out to Kresh the Bloodbraided.

Maybe he shared his braids with these Ravnican creatures.
Posted By: ExzcellionGamma (10/1/2012 1:41:22 AM)


There's a reason this card is expensive. Imagine a token based or creature heavy deck with access to a fast, cheap sacrifice outlet.

It could very easily spiral out of control. I have a deck which sacrifices at least one creature a turn, and the counter build-up from this would easily have me with creatures rivalling Emrakul very quickly.
Posted By: psychichobo (10/3/2012 5:00:42 AM)


This card will definitely help Golgari decks and other zombie decks that rely on the graveyard to work. I know people keep saying this, but this thing's green, for which there are numerous ways to ramp. I'll list a few -

1. Priest of Avacyn
2. Gate Creeper
3. Mulch

Once you have the mana, cast this, and then start abusing things that can come back from the graveyard, like Gravecrawler or Geralf's Messenger. If you can work the Grimgrin, Corpse-born / Rooftop Storm / Gravecrawler combo in there somewhere, not only will you have an infinite counter combo, but an infinite counter combo for ALL creatures!
Posted By: MechaKraken (10/6/2012 7:31:11 AM)


In Standard right now it'd be pretty easy to get a third turn Corpsejack Menace, a fourth turn Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord, and then this on turn five. Someone may be able to figure out a way to do that all a turn faster, but I'm not that slick. Either way, you could cause a whole lot of life loss very quickly by sacrificing something as small as a 3/3 to Jarad, then putting 6 counters on the menace and saccing that as well. There's a deck in there somewhere, for sure.
Posted By: TzarChasm (10/9/2012 9:42:32 AM)


I use it in a green\black deathtouch standard deck, along with Ghoultree and Essence Harvest as combos in the late game (obviously). Lots of life, lots of counters, and lots of death.
Posted By: HarlequinValentine (10/10/2012 6:01:49 AM)


Posted By: General_Naga (9/26/2012 3:48:29 PM)


The cost is too high to be aggressive, compare to having Rancor, Blessings of Nature, Revenge of the Hunted, all are more viable.
Posted By: Cyberium (9/25/2012 10:34:32 PM)


Pros like me will use this card in green/red aggro decks with lots of top heavy creatures.
Posted By: Lotsofpoopy (9/26/2012 5:28:27 AM)


Clearly deserves a Golgari watermark
Posted By: pedrodyl (9/28/2012 2:17:53 PM)


I had to double check to make sure this wasn't another stupid 7, 8, or 9 mana enchantment that looked cool but could never be cast.
Posted By: RAV0004 (9/28/2012 11:45:29 PM)