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Azazel overdid his last teleport and found Innistrad.
Posted By: Lohran (4/27/2012 2:56:05 PM)


Folks, his abilities might not be too impressive, but you've got to remember that the following is true of every planeswalker:

1) They activate every turn, for free, and give you several options.
2) Getting rid of them requires your opponent to use resources that would have been directed at you. Even if they don't live very long, they usually buy you an extra turn.
3) If not dealt with in a timely manner, they have an ultimate ability that will most often win you the game.

Tibalt doesn't look that powerful, but all three of these things are true about him. And he costs two mana.

There's no way this is a bad card.
Posted By: MisterAction (1/13/2013 12:20:42 PM)


"Who has the more badass coat; Sorin or Tibalt?" Posted By: Splizer (on Sorin Markov m12 version)

I don't know, but apparently there's going to be a DUEL DECK to decide that.
Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (8/29/2012 9:33:40 PM)


i don't like him, i see his potential, but i don't like him, i avoid opening packs with his face on them.
Posted By: KnexWiz (6/23/2012 10:53:51 PM)


Lots of potential but no actual use. The least valuable planeswalker in Magic right now, by far.
Posted By: SyntheticDreamer (8/20/2012 4:01:44 PM)


I like how his devil-hair gets in the way of his name. In fact, his name is actually Tibalt, The Fiend-Blcoded".

As for that first ability...1) Red has lots of lovely flashback spells to use, so let's use them from the graves! 2) Grim Lavamancer likes crap in the grave, 3) Chandra's Phoenix, obviously, is good with him and 4) Other reanimation strategy. I want to use him in a janky W/B/R reanimation deck with Griselbrand and Unburial Rites.
Posted By: Splizer (4/27/2012 9:25:30 AM)


This guy is pretty much swept under the rug. I didn't even know he existed in my first six months or so of playing mtg. Not even a decent two drop... Until now, I thought every planeswalker was a threat and worth playing but I would just laugh if I ever saw this played. Random discard that you have to use twice before you use any other abilities... what a joke.
Posted By: Lifegainwithbite (2/23/2013 11:13:33 AM)


Tibalt is UNPLAYABLE. If you play him early, you have little to nothing on board to defend him, and he may take a turn to use, but the absolute, number 2 reasons he is unplayable is as follows:

2 of his abilities are minus abilities that require you to use his plus one multiple times before using that one.

And, the fact that his only +1 ability, makes you discard at RANDOM. Meaning you can discard key cards, discard the card you drew anyway, and meaning that he does nothing to help you until he has survived WITHOUT TAKING A SCRATCH for 4 turns.

Yes, you can get lucky and discard your uneeded cards, but guess what? In mtg, where you verse multiple opponents over and over and need consistency, having luck in your deck is terrible. You won't ever see a pro player run a luck based card, unless either the card is good enough anyway or there is a high chance of good outcome.

And last but not least, the fact that a planeswalker you a meant to play early, is terrible early game as you w... (see all)
Posted By: tastified (5/10/2014 6:00:42 AM)


I don't really appreciate this card, although I find the flavour really badass.
The fact that it is a 2-mana planeswalker does not automatically make it playable!
Tibalt comes into play very early, but he does hardly do anything for you to win the game. The +1-ability is too risky and the -4 costs too much loyalty counters and most often comes too late.
The -6-ability is actually the biggest reason to play him. At least in limited, it can be quite a threat.
Overall, I think Tibalt is the worst planeswalker ever printed (which doesn't say really much since there is no completely bad planeswalker) , but I still like the flavour (hellboy! :P) and he's definetely playable in limited. 3.5
Posted By: GengilOrbios (5/10/2012 1:48:23 PM)


I'm really skeptical about Tibalt. His +1 is pretty controversial at the moment and I'm leaning on the side of the naysayers. There are some instances where this can be useful, but I feel like red decks would rather have another burn spell in that slot. If Madness gets brought back as a mechanic or flashback cards become more playable, he'll be a force to reckon with. His -4 is very good against control, but not much else. His -6 is pretty underwhelming for me, but Wizards has been pushing creatures like crazy so maybe it'll be useful more often than not.

Overall, he require very subtle play and I'm not convinced he's worth the effort.

Posted By: LlanowarEmissary (5/8/2012 6:08:49 AM)