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I'm a Johnny, and I noticed this card immediately Mode. Have you tried Sudden Disappearance? :)
Can we actualy break this one? Please tell me it's broken! :D
Posted By: DarthParallax (4/29/2012 6:34:24 PM)


Very strange card, and quite underrated as well. It may read badly, but in practice you don't exactly need to jump through hoops to have just one creature on your side of the field by the turn you play this, which will net you a 5/5 flyer, and if your opponent removes one or both of your creatures, it's trivially easy to just set yourself up for another demon.

If you feel like doing something more fancy, you can play this alongside creatures with Lord of the Pit style upkeep costs. Demonic Taskmaster can play offense while Demonic Uprising plays defense without seriously interfering with Homicidal Seclusion support. You can also use the steady influx of demon tokens to keep Xathrid Demon well fed, while Xathrid Demon hits the opponent for 5 whenever he eats one. I'm sure there are other interesting interactions I'm missing, but the point is that Demonic Uprising, while not exactly a powerhouse, can do ... (see all)
Posted By: Cubozoan (7/8/2012 10:00:29 AM)


I mean it's not that bad... It has the potential to give you multiple 5/5 fliers, and all for the low, low cost of five mana and an entire deck that you built around it.
I'll give it 2.5/5
Posted By: pedrodyl (4/27/2012 11:39:11 AM)


What you get by going through the loops of getting this effect is not really worth it to be honest, plus if they kill your single creature you're stuck with a 5CMC enchantment that does nothing.

Not worth the risk, sadly. Still a fun casual card.
Posted By: Fenix. (4/28/2012 7:32:50 AM)


Worst rare in the set? I hope I never pull one.
Posted By: JRE47 (4/26/2012 6:50:26 PM)


Great combo with Helvault. Just keep remove your creature by its first ability. Then destroy Helvault one time, and BOOM tons of demons!
Posted By: Ike38 (5/4/2012 10:33:42 AM)


The main reason I dislike this card is that it works against itself and the rest of the lonely man, 'if you only have one creature', abilities. I was excited when I first saw it, but its flaws kept coming up. You have to have one creature on the field. Unless it's a hexproof/shrouded tank, there's so much removal going around (cough, tragic slip, cough), restricting yourself to a single creature is very risky. That risk is only slightly offset by all the exalted-esque boosts. Boosts which are taken away by this card.

Being a fan of swarms, I then turned to trying to find a way to keep multiplying the tokens. Besides Parallel Lives, there's nothing I can think of. Cards like Helvault and Sudden Disappearance don't work, since the tokens will disappear as soon as they hit the exile zone. Still, with Parallel Lives (or several ;D), you'll get a small swarm to beat your opponent's face in. If they die, cast another creature or... (see all)
Posted By: BastianQoU (5/6/2012 9:18:21 PM)


Run it in a casual flicker deck and you may meet the activation requirements more often than you think...
Posted By: HuntedWumpusMustDie (5/29/2012 8:27:59 AM)


Traditional flicker effects don't work with this for the same reason they don't work against mass removal - they exile and then return the creature immediately. There's no time in-between for other abilities/effects to resolve. Only those cards that return creatures at the end step, like Sudden Disappearance, will work.
Posted By: LegolasTN (6/3/2012 3:54:25 PM)


Could give Demonic Taskmaster a recurring blocker-partner for the duration of the opponent's turn.
Posted By: AshToMoutHound (6/11/2012 1:38:25 PM)