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You are right, and all those people who don't play this game for ante are sissies who just aren't Man enough to play this game the way it was played eighteen years ago. It can't just be that they simply enjoy other methods of play, depending on the situation (possibly including Ante, when consented to by all players), because there is only one right way to play the game, and that's your way. And only wusses would ever mulligan, or let an opponent mulligan, because the only acceptable way to play this game of strategy is to gamble on the games, and then allow chance to skew the results to an irrecoverable degree. Anyone who has any opinion other than this single view is clearly inferior.

While we're at it, lets do away with those silly ban lists, restricted lists, the increased minimum deck size, and most certainly that four-copies-per-card limit. Constructed deck restrictions aren't what Magic is... (see all)
Posted By: Qoios-Mauryn (1/10/2012 7:04:29 PM)


I still play for ante on occasion. It's fun, and makes the game worth playing.
Posted By: pedrodyl (9/1/2011 8:00:59 PM)


well, just like all the ante based cards, it dosnt say you have to replace it with anything when you take it out.... so you could use it along with the baubles in order to make a deck that is effectively 4 cards smaller.
Posted By: bijart_dauth (3/11/2011 7:26:11 PM)


Me and my friend used to play for ante. Then one night I took about 15 cards from him. He would have really benefited from this card.
Posted By: LRats (1/28/2012 4:44:42 PM)


Quit being a sissy, we used to HAVE to play for Ante back then.
Posted By: SlackWareWolf (4/12/2010 12:51:08 PM)


All the pros own like 420 of these, hands down
Posted By: SarcasmElemental (9/25/2013 9:27:26 PM)


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