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Holy s***. Skeletal Scrying.
Posted By: SereneChaos (3/28/2011 7:01:52 AM)


I always thought the art on this card was amazing.
Posted By: Nagoragama (7/12/2011 8:23:29 PM)


Perfect for Avacyn Restored's Miracles mechanic - if you top deck a card (and it's the first card you've drawn of that turn), you can use the miracle ability of a card -- may have additional effects or a lower cost. Use Insidious Dreams to topdeck exactly the right cards you need.

Posted By: igniteice (4/7/2012 5:42:50 PM)


My name is Haakon and I need to be played in combination with this little gem!
Posted By: DonBot1987 (3/4/2013 8:54:35 AM)


Posted By: idrinkyourmilkshake (3/17/2013 11:10:09 PM)


Cascade never felt so delicious, now you can pile all of them on top of your library :D
Posted By: Cyberium (4/7/2013 12:06:07 PM)


"Ooh, another miracle! It must be my lucky day." For a sample sequence, try:
Devastation Tide (or Bonfire of the Damned if preferred and you have the mana and four-colourness)
Entreat the Angels
Temporal Mastery
Some fourth miracle who cares the two turns of angel swings should do it.

On an unrelated note, I reckon a counterspell with miracle {0} could have been interesting. The setup to actually cast it for free would be pretty intensive and most importantly pretty conspicuous ("Hmmm, I think I'll stack the top of my deck with this Alchemist's Apprentice here and then tap out. NOTHING SUSS GOING ON HERE YOU GUYS"), but hey, zero mana counterspell.
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/26/2013 5:05:17 AM)


Without having to do any insane combo stuff, this + Bitter Ordeal = a countered deck strategy (as long as you only discarded permanents).

If you discard 6 or so cards from your hand, searching their library for 7 different cards to exile can change how a combo deck works. Unfortunately, this isn't playable in Modern (where combo decks work well) and this is a little slow for Legacy.

But if you played this in EDH... Maybe after a Damnation...
Posted By: Sven_Untgaarde (6/19/2013 7:32:48 AM)


If I could Restart MTG, this is easily the card I'd pick to replace Demonic Tutor.

a.) It makes Hellbent decks legitimately good, and pushing Hellbent could be a way to balance a lot of other decks.

b.) Let's be serious folks, Demonic Tutor and Dark Ritual are dumb. They're very powerful Black Cards, BUT they don't even cost resources for you to exploit. Demonic Tutor should discard cards, and Dark Ritual should sacrifice creatures. :)

c.) This card doesn't make any major breakingly powerful lists I know of in Eternal. This seriously suggests that Tutors actually should cost 3 or 4 mana, not 1 or 2, with lovely rules text like this tacked on, and that will probably be more fun, interesting, and lead to longer games which means more time playing Magic which means more fun.

d.) If we lived in a world where this was Restricted in Vintage, I think that would mean that most of the cards in Vintage and Legacy would be a lot ... (see all)
Posted By: DarthParallax (6/21/2013 8:30:59 AM)


Love this card for its many uses. I mostly use it in reanimator builds.

Not the best use for it, by far, but my favorite one is probably...

Posted By: The_Murderauder (7/6/2013 8:45:32 AM)