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Hilarious art.

HUUHHH YUHHHHHHHHH, *shock*, *die*.

It's cool, you can draw a card while I regenerate.


Oh yah, and the person getting shocked is pretty silly too.
Posted By: Deepfried-Owls (5/15/2011 11:40:05 PM)


Put Plagiarize on stick and start attacking with these.
Posted By: tavaritz (5/30/2011 12:28:51 PM)


You can't mill people with it because it says target opponent "may" draw a card. He doesn't have to so it doesn't really combo with anything. Even with Plagiarize the opponent just chooses not to draw so you don't get to steal that draw.

The only thing I can think of that this is good for is politics in a multi player format. It works well in group hug EDH decks...
Posted By: Belanar (7/1/2011 12:10:29 PM)


Guys, this is actually a good card.
Colorless Drudge Skeletons for 1, And while that looks like a downside, it can be pretty easily utilized by the Johnny in you(Drawing extra cards can be a major downside against many decks).
I can imagine Mill having a field day with an unkillable blocker that lets your opponent mill themselves faster.
Sure, it's a downside, technically, since your opponent gets the choice, but it's pretty easy to minimize the downside in the right deck, by making drawing undesirable.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (8/19/2011 10:46:05 PM)


Consecrated Sphinx, of course.
Posted By: Axelle (9/7/2011 9:21:31 PM)


I don't know why he's got so much hate, this seems like at least a 3, even by today's standards to me.
Posted By: steez4days (11/20/2011 11:25:16 PM)


Its not that good of a card. If u want to regenerate ur 1/1 and make ur opponent draw a card then go ahead.
Posted By: blobman (1/2/2012 9:51:18 AM)


Hey, a regenerator for discard decks, cool.

It's not forced draw mind, but it will make people make a very difficult choice - after all, who doesn't want to draw a card, really?
Posted By: psychichobo (11/22/2012 4:27:59 PM)


He wreaks havoc during turns 2 and 3 with sinister strength or heroic defiance.
Posted By: bloodsuck (2/1/2013 4:44:59 PM)


"If that ain't family, I don't know what is!"
Posted By: Raibys (6/15/2013 1:07:14 PM)