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So "every black deck runs it" is a four star card? How many cards are like that anyway? I can think of Dark Ritual, being the only card in this category (outside of completely broken stuff like Black Lotus and Mox Jet). Other cards come close (like Dark Confidant or Hymn to Tourach) but that's a really bad way of rating cards.

As for the card itself, it's a good card for dredge, but not essential like Golgari Grave-Troll or Bridge from Below (or Bazaar of Bagdad for vintage) but pretty decent. Comparable to Breakthrough as an early game GY filler, except this one has a decent sized body attached (as opposed to none at all).
Posted By: Kurraga (8/28/2010 8:45:31 AM)


not worth 4 stars. good but not every black deck plays it (which is around 4 stars means).

i think i see a flaw in WotC ratings system now.
Posted By: ultratog1028 (9/9/2009 9:54:33 AM)


"Thanks, I WANTED that card in my graveyard. Here, you get to have flying now..."
Posted By: Arachibutyrophobia (9/14/2011 7:50:59 PM)


Posted By: deathtothecake (11/6/2011 12:54:02 PM)


Given access to both colors, and the mindset that since exhume-ing Iona, Shield of Emeria on the first turn to guarantee the win isn't really very fun for anyone involved and thus +1 CMC isn't much of a difference, I'd rather have Wild Mongrel. Discarding multiple cards makes the flying bonus redundant, and lack of evasion isn't an issue as nobody will ever block the Mongrel when you've got cards in hand because they're scared you'll pump it to kill their creature.

In EDH, though, I'd take both. Well, no, I actually run Mongrel and Psychatog. But I've thought about using this in EDH.
Posted By: MisterAction (1/21/2012 4:10:01 PM)


Why print one with nothing?? Some joke wizards
Posted By: LunarAvenger (3/15/2012 6:29:35 PM)


He sits as the pride and joy of two of my decks:
A Legacy Ichorid deck
and a (demon tribal) reanimation deck

They both own. They both are enabled because of him. He's fraggin' good.
Posted By: blurrymadness (7/2/2012 8:05:59 PM)


Probably the most accidentally overpowered common one-drop until Delver of Secrets.
Posted By: Lyoncet (8/22/2012 6:24:27 PM)


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