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Seriously bad. For 2 mana now you can get instant speed life gain of 8 points, and with spells since alpha you can deal far more damage for the mana. Sunspring Expedition, Rest for the Weary are each roughly 5x the power level of this card (mana per life.)

Now, consider a fireball or something where you get an extra point of damage. You'll never use this for life gain really because it's atrocious lifegain for the cost.

Think of it like this, Alabaster Potion is a FAR better version of this card in terms of life gain but is 2ish stars. Blaze is three stars, and is also better (and fireball is WAY better.) Now, combine the two and you could sort of get a little more value, but it's also worse versions of each, at best this guy could be 3.5 stars.

But I contend this is SO much worse than the alternatives that the combination is worth nothing, and that the extra cost is enough of a detriment to actually make it lose stars.

1.5 stars.
Posted By: blurrymadness (6/4/2011 1:04:06 PM)


Sorcery timed lifegain based on 1 = 1 life is pointless, because if they response with burn you're toast before you can gain the life. That's really what I hate in the new rules.
Posted By: tavaritz (6/21/2011 1:20:25 PM)


This card sucks.
Posted By: twiddleman12 (9/18/2012 7:30:14 PM)


Death Grasp is a much better version of this card, and printed around the same time. This card was rare too, don't let the set symbol fool you. Either way its an expensive player only blaze or an expensive stream of life. Both bad options, but it could technically win or save the game, so I will give it some credit for that.

Posted By: TheWrathofShane (11/2/2012 6:40:16 PM)


If it was an instant like some other 2CMC+x like Vitalizing Cascade it would have a place. Looks cool a heck but almost no use.
Posted By: sean999 (12/27/2013 1:47:54 PM)