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@heenaheena: It would then interact differently with Mystical Teachings, so it would be a functional change.
Posted By: LordRandomness (8/15/2012 3:12:14 PM)


Love this card, though I do wish it had actual Flash so I could tutor it up with Mystical Teachings.
Posted By: LTJZamboni (7/27/2012 9:37:47 AM)


I want a reprinting for this card. Even a lesser version like w/o flash but is like;
2B or 3B
"enchant creature put onto the battlefield with Necromancy." Put target creature card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control and attach Necromancy to it. When Necromancy leaves the battlefield, that creature's controller sacrifices it."
Posted By: Vampire96 (8/18/2010 2:57:17 PM)


@TheKazu: The strange wording for that effect is because when Necromancy ETB, it puts a triggered ability on the stack. When that triggered ability resolves, it may or may not actually still be on the battlefield (for example, if you responded to the ability by bouncing the enchantment). This is sort of a reverse situation of the Fiend Hunter/Oblivion Ring trick that involves flickering or bouncing the Fiend Hunter/Oblivion Ring in response to its ETB trigger. The net effect of doing so is that its LTB ability actually happens BEFORE the ETB one does, causing the target to be permanently removed.

In Necromancy's case, were it not for the "if it's on the battlefield" clause, you could cast Necromancy and then bounce it in response to the ETB. The LTB goes on the stack, resolves, and does nothing (since you have not reanimated anything yet) and then the ETB resolves and you get to permanently reanimate a creature (This also conveniently sidestep... (see all)
Posted By: adrian.malacoda (2/3/2013 11:02:23 PM)


I don't think anyone really plays this card for the Flash ability. The main appeal is that it's another Animate Dead.
Posted By: DacenOctavio (2/21/2013 10:02:17 PM)


Play with Kederekt Leviathan for a soft lock.
Posted By: Incanur (4/7/2013 2:10:13 PM)


@heenaheena: Actually, if the card was errataed to have Flash, it wouldn't play the same.

This thing is part of a cycle of enchantments from Visions (Mystic Veil, Parapet, Relic Ward and Spider Climb) that were designed to be modal - more versatile. You have two options with any of these cards:

->Play the card "at sorcery speed" - you're playing the enchantment as an enchantment. You get the card's intended effect, and it sticks around until it is destroyed or the permanent it is attached to is destroyed.
->Play the card "at instant speed" - you get the effect at instant speed, but it is only good until the end of turn. If you play one of these as an instant, you have to sacrifice it at the end of the current turn.

With these enchantments, you could opt to play them as normal enchantments, with the same timing restrictions, OR you could opt to play them as nasty surprises for your opponent - s... (see all)
Posted By: Leshrac_Nightwalker (5/14/2013 9:01:54 AM)


I'd been ignoring this card for a while in favor of the cheaper mana-cost alternatives animate dead and dance of the dead but I'm going to give this one a try and I think in the long run it will be better than dance of the dead which is kinda clunky.

on another note, the Oracle says this card may be cast as though it had flash. Flash is the ability to be cast any time an instant could be cast. so Necromancy may be cast as though it had the ability to be cast any time an instant could be cast? Why not just give it flash?

the top portion of the card could simply read:

If you cast Necromancy any time a sorcery couldn't have been cast, the controller of the permanent it becomes sacrifices it at the beginning of the next cleanup step.

All the cards in this cycle should, imho, be errata'd this way. They would still play the same but, yes, other cards that care about whether or not they have flash (which is extrem... (see all)
Posted By: heenaheena (5/18/2013 11:21:42 AM)


"I play Necromancy"
"Oh? What's that? I've never seen it before. Let me read it..."
(2 minutes later)
"Okay, so... what does it do?"

Posted By: Ferlord (9/9/2013 7:27:02 PM)


Forgetting about the flash ability for a moment, I think that the whole reanimation ability would be a lot less wordy if it didn't make Necromancy an Aura (I know that Wizards isn't going to ever errata this card that significantly; I'm mainly just giving an idea for a new card). Here is the reanimation ability (for a normal enchantment):

When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, put target creature card from a graveyard onto the battlefield under your control. When either card leaves the battlefield, the other's controller sacrifices it.

I am aware that this wording has some flaws (for example, you can sac CARDNAME in response to the triggered ability to permanently reanimate a creature), and the wording might not be completely correct, but I think it's a good idea.
Posted By: OlvynChuru (5/29/2014 2:54:33 PM)