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this and finthoof boar are awesome. r/g boar love. also the floop the pig comment is the greatest.
Posted By: solidearth (2/5/2013 11:33:08 PM)


God help anyone running cornfields in their deck.
Posted By: Enemy_Tricolor (2/12/2013 10:18:12 PM)


While it is not as cost-efficient as Ghor-Clan Rampager, this card is still a blast to play with in limited format. +5/+4 for only 3 mana is nothing to sneeze at, and being a common, it is more likely for you to get them in multiple copies (A friend and I each got two when choosing Gruul in the prelease). And the more bloodrush cards you have in your pool, the more likely for you to deal 10+ damage within a single turn.
Posted By: FIAmagic (2/20/2013 6:56:33 PM)


Silly little combo I thought up with this guy.

What you'll need:

2 Zhur-Taa Swine
1 Fling
1 Pit Fight
7 mana

Put one of your Swines into play, pass and protect him til next turn.
Next turn, immediately go into combat.
Swing with your Swine since, as he's vanilla on the field, they're likely to throw some chump in front of him. Here's where you go off. Use your other Swine's Bloodrush ability on your combat one.
Pit Fight your Swine against their chump before it blocks, killing it and allowing you in for 5 +5 from Bloodrush = 10.
Then, during your 2nd main phase, Fling your still-Bloodrushed Swine at your opponent's face for 10 and lethal!

There are other ways to do this cheaper mana-wise, but all these cards are common-level. If only Fling were in Gatecrash...Gruul would win more drafts than it has any right to.
Posted By: carbondragon (2/22/2013 12:01:58 AM)


good but Ghor-Clan Rampager is way better. being able to give trample is more useful than the extra point of damage.
Posted By: Smoke_Stack (3/3/2013 11:27:59 AM)


Peppa Pig's husband here is a POWERFUL common; an easily-manageable two-colour cost, a strong body and the bloodrush can take a full quarter off your opponent's life total for 3 mana.
Posted By: Splizer (3/10/2013 5:48:24 PM)


Hahaha, that tiny watermelon in the bottom left gives an even better sense of scale than the wagon itself.
Posted By: Kontrah (10/8/2013 5:01:16 PM)