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@Majora_13: I told ya I was bored, haha. I didn't see at first that number of exalted triggers was just the number of Sublime Archangels squared. I guess I just got too involved thinking and writing it out to realize a shortcut like that. That's what ya get for not seeing the forest for the trees. lol
Posted By: ChidyDog (5/14/2013 4:25:45 PM)


Under Legendary Rule Change: Cast Phage the Untouchable, then clone her with Progenitor Mimic, sac the Phage to keep the mimic, then donate the mimic to an opponent. Next upkeep they lose.
Posted By: CatParty (5/25/2013 1:44:19 PM)


Should have been called Simic Mimic
Posted By: sofasleeper (6/2/2013 8:54:51 AM)


If this guy forgets who he's copied does that mean he's had an identity krasis?
Posted By: MightySqueeth (4/23/2013 4:26:38 PM)


Looks like yet another way to make the Biovisionary win con work.
Posted By: Totema (4/23/2013 5:59:25 PM)


As part of my ongoing quest to give cool things well deserved flavor text:

"The Simic have been through a lot but some things never change."
-Yolov, Simic bioengineer
Posted By: Stinga (4/26/2013 10:36:00 PM)


Yo Dawg, I herd you like clone, so I put an clone in your clone so you can clone while you clone.
Posted By: Cyberium (4/23/2013 11:45:46 PM)


"So you know that Giant Adephage I have on the field?"
Posted By: TheWaddleDeeKing (4/23/2013 3:23:58 PM)


Yo dog, I heard you like clones so we made a clone that clones itself.

Also populate.
Posted By: .Blaze. (4/23/2013 5:38:55 PM)


I hate simic!
Posted By: MockingJ (4/23/2013 6:52:37 PM)