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Did someone say "Only useful in Limited formats"?

I think the only use I'll get out of these is in sealed pools. The prerelease had me using one or two of these for mana-fixins, and if I pulled a keyrune, I'd just use that instead.
Posted By: icefire65 (4/28/2013 2:18:12 PM)


I honestly hate this in limited, especially compared to the keyrunes.

The keyrunes were so much better for limited since you always had the chance of turning it into a creature. Sure, you couldn't attack with it and tapped it for mana in one turn, but at least you had the choice.

Not only that, but it makes your opponent think more about their turns. If you keep 2-3 mana open for the keyrune ability but you still have cards in your hand, they'll have to not only consider what's in your hand but the keyrune as well. It's the tricks of limited that make up a good player.

But the (Blue's) Cluestone's don't provide that for you. They just give you sub-par mana ramp and a possible draw when you're desperate. Also remember that the cost of the "sac: draw" is really 3 (WhiteWhiteBlue for this cluestone), since you're losing the chance to tap this for mana.

I do not expect these to be as highly picked as the keyrunes in limited.
Posted By: Ferlord (4/28/2013 11:56:53 PM)


The Cluestones could've been cool, but alas, R&D was way too cautious about them. For 3, we should get more than sub-par fixing and an expensive cycling.

Azorious Keyrune 3

When Azorious Keyrune comes into play, draw a card.

Tap: Add White or Blue to your mana pool.
Posted By: DoragonShinzui (5/5/2013 2:35:09 PM)


The flavor is using very nice Slavic language based words. Sova - Owl; Jelenn - Stag (only with one n at the end, Jelen) and Lyev - Lion. Owls represent wisdom = judges and arbitrator, Stags agility = scribes and elocutors and the Lion is power = lawmages and enforcers. Horaay for Slavic Ravnica!
Posted By: BLKND (5/9/2013 12:07:40 PM)


Draw a card-> I can see that as a fitting ability for the Azorious guild, I wonder what the other guilds got. Wait.........
Posted By: Purplerooster (5/13/2013 8:20:41 PM)


I like that they give you mana early game when you need it and then turn into something more useful late game. I play white blue control. How many times have I had a manalith just sitting there when I have ten or twelve lands?
Posted By: Cloudchaser.Kestrel (12/29/2013 5:24:47 PM)


"Gotcha! It's just Seashell Cameo with a bad cantrip." - WOTC
Posted By: BlakeHN (3/23/2014 8:42:46 PM)


Posted By: car2n (5/9/2014 2:45:15 PM)