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Pick these up while they're $15. I have a good feeling that Theros will be a Tribal block.
Posted By: Gcrudaplaneswalker (7/10/2013 6:53:13 PM)


Glad this is getting reprinted, so it will be cheaper. This a really good manland.
Posted By: lilwolf2005 (7/9/2013 3:20:41 PM)


I'm so happy this is getting reprinted. Now I can get a copy without spending tons of money!
Posted By: SAUS3 (7/10/2013 11:32:13 AM)


I pity those who spent $34 on Mutabault months ago. Price dropped more than half since then.
Posted By: Cyberium (7/9/2013 11:30:21 PM)


I could totally see why this is expensive, but would never shell out more then 1 dollar for a f*cking land.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (7/10/2013 5:27:03 AM)


One mana, for a 2/2 with evasion, that gets bonuses from any tribal you play. Fair....
Posted By: Pendulous (7/9/2013 4:23:57 PM)


@ The_Trendkill

I also think that Theros has a tribal theme in it (hopefully Minotaurs/Centaurs and all these lovely things) because every block with a theme from real life had at least a little bit tribal theme in it: Kamigawa (Japanese culture) with offering, spirits, samurai, etc.; Lorwyn/Shadowmoor (Irish, English, Welsh, Scottish, and Celtic stories folklore/mythology) with kithkins, treefolk, elves etc.; and Innistrad (Gothic/horror) with vampires, spirits etc. I could imagine there is a raw idea behind this.
I also think thre could be a legendary theme again additionally, and maybe finally an enchantment theme ;)

EDIT: Oh well, out of date...It's already confirmed that it will be an enchantment block, apart from minotaurs it's not a tribal set, and there will be more legendary permanents than normal ;) So I am at least a little bit right with tribal O.O
Posted By: Hancocky (8/1/2013 4:28:24 PM)


Hilarious how all the old comments are like, "Now I can get a playset for cheap!" I don't know about your situation, but these are running for about $35 at my local card shop.
Posted By: SnesController (1/13/2014 8:11:13 PM)


This will see play. You guys hear me, this WILL see play...

What, you all know it already?
Posted By: sweetgab (7/16/2013 9:27:00 PM)


It's Mutavault. 5/5
Posted By: rollinsclone (7/24/2013 11:37:47 AM)