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I feel this is going to be as bad as Numai Outcast. They must stop giving the "pay life to regenerate creature" stuff. It really doesn't fit IMO.
Posted By: RoseEsque (9/18/2013 3:24:13 AM)


Wow, even when multicolored, Griffins suck. Seroisly though, I think this is something I'll ahove to see in action to really judge. Might have been cool with lifelink in stead of vigilance, y'know, tie it all in.
Posted By: DaLucaray (9/17/2013 3:55:06 PM)


Posted By: LordOfTheFlies87 (9/18/2013 11:14:57 AM)


Anybody else feel like this should be GreenBlack not WhiteBlack?
Posted By: Legendxp (9/18/2013 12:37:45 PM)


And the award for "Card That's Art Could Have Been On a Mythic" this set goes to...!
Posted By: infernox10 (9/22/2013 1:52:43 PM)


Would have gone great in the old M13 exalted intro pack, now just give him lifelink with the new Whip of Erebos.
Posted By: TowerDefender (10/12/2013 10:12:36 AM)


People need to stop underestimating flying AND vigilance. Flying means "unblockable" against any monogreen deck, and it's hard to block in any color otherwise, and vigilance means you can attack for 3 flying damage and then block flying damage the next turn. With enchantments that pump it, and there are a couple of those in this format, this becomes a real problem for your opponent.
Posted By: SirLibraryEater (10/13/2013 6:31:33 PM)


I had to fight this monster in yesterday's draft and this cast was absurd beyond words.

Basically, you can put as many enchantments as you want on this creature and unless the opponent has enchantment removal or move-card-to-top-of-library effects, this card will simply revive at any threat.

if you are facing a non blue deck, this card will probably win the draft for you granted you have enchantments, as enchantment-removal tends to be neglected in drafts.

This card is very unfun to play against if you are not prepared.
Posted By: DmitryM (10/15/2013 4:45:10 PM)


So after drag down killed a griffin forever ago in Conflux, it woke up in Nyx and viola! Hello, Griffin Skeleton. Love the typing!
Posted By: Cabbieboy (10/16/2013 12:09:53 PM)


Flying, vigilance and regeneration is definately a nice combination. You can attack with low chances of getting blocked. And if you attack, you can still block, borth flyers and those without flying. And if something would kill you, you just regenerate.

Still... it's a 3/3 guy for five mana in two colors, and it requires two mana and life to regenerate. All in all it's just too expensive to be useful outside limited (or tribal decks).
Posted By: majinara (10/24/2013 10:47:43 AM)