Bestow costs are high and should be. The creatures themselves are reasonably cost, and the fact that most of them are early game creatures is no coincidence. Bestow is an option, and it presents you with the ability to use a creature early game that does not lose its value late game. Much like how cycling on high costed cards is great. Even if you look at the bestow and say "That is pretty overcosted" that doesn't matter when you topdeck one on turn seven. Versatility is the name of the game here and I think its value seems to be wasted on most newer players. Especially since tournaments lately have been dominated with straight forward powerhouses.

As for the art, seriously people? Keep it in your pants. She is covered by a convenient rocky coating, and even then, the art is more artistic-nude than sexual. (Unlike the horribly distasteful Vampire's Bite) This is what the artistic depiction of nymphs has always been. These comments are just embarrassing to the comm... (see all)