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Even though I'm a casual player, I still am not a big fan of "only lifegain" cards, since they don't permit you to win the game (unlike lifelink or card advantage like Sphinx's Revelation). However, as stated, this ability can be used for stalling or enabling things like heroic or inspired, which can give it a "double function", which isn't that bad in limited or casual play.
I guess that the presence of the mana cost in the activation of the ability is to "temper" this kind of double functionality, in that it presents a cost which you should take into consideration (depending on what you have in your hand, the amount of mana you have, etc.)
Posted By: Dabok (2/13/2014 4:19:30 PM)


Oh my GODS does this art look good, especially in foil.
I tend to dislike Azorius, but man, Ephara is really doing it for me, great work with the Gods Wizards
Posted By: Petertracy (3/23/2014 7:00:45 AM)


Ive ben attaching ephara's radiance to my soul mender and tapping the whole thing to add 4 life per turn. ephara gives the ability pay 1w, 1 unspecified and tap to gain 3 life. Soulmender already has a tap gain 1 life ability, is this a situation where the enchantment cancels the creatures original tap gain 1 life ability, or am i ok to use both effects?

Posted By: galefrog (4/2/2014 10:21:10 PM)


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