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So I just had the weirdest thing happen. I bought this gal's precon deck because I thought her and Curse of the Swine would go good in my Derevi deck.

So I'm opening the 2 included boosters and 1 of my rares is... an Arbiter of the Ideal.

And I'm okay with that.
Posted By: Phaeoxen (2/16/2014 3:18:48 PM)


This is actually pretty goods for my artifact deck considering stuff is normally costly and there are only 3 spells not fitting the criteria
Posted By: gunnerman211 (2/28/2014 5:08:56 AM)


Good with tidal force
Bonkers with freed from the real
Enchantment primal surge by adding a paradise mantle

Also hilarious using it to cheat krond into play xD
Posted By: Mr.Freshness-Timmy (3/7/2014 6:46:42 PM)


@hunter06 - hahahaha "Freed from the Reel" {U} - instant - Untap all serpent, leviathan, octopus, kraken, fish and merfolk creatures you control.

gonna work really well in a roon of the hidden realm deck.
Posted By: Three_Toe (3/8/2014 5:08:44 PM)


This + Infinite Reflection + low CMC (0-1 CMC) nontoken creatures == lots of fun. :D
Posted By: Travelsonic (3/23/2014 11:32:30 AM)


@Hunter06 Aura of Dominion does the same, but at 1 CMC less and only costs 1 mana per inspired trigger.
Posted By: JmLyan (4/15/2014 7:00:46 AM)


Anyone else just really appreciate the flavor of this card?
Posted By: Kori260 (4/17/2014 4:36:28 PM)


So how does this work with Constellation? Does it become an Enchantment before it hits the table?
Posted By: AdditionalDakka (4/21/2014 2:07:36 AM)


Any cards with the inspired mechanic can trigger as ETB abilities if you have an Amulet of Vigor and an Orb of Dreams in play. This card really seams to be the only one that would benefit greatly from the combo. All of the others are either underwhelming or require additional mana. FUN THOUGH! ! !
Posted By: Oxman (4/21/2014 8:50:53 PM)


Use Orb of Dreams with Amulet of Vigor and the new inspired creatures to cause them to trigger immediately, and anytime you flicker them.

Blue and Black have any good choices which do not require additional mana:
Arbiter of the Ideal
Daring Thief
Disciple of Deceit
King Macar, the Gold-Cursed
Servant of Tymaret
Siren of the Silent Song
Sphinx's Disciple

Then use Conjurer's Closet to get some bonus uses out of them.
Use Mimic Vat to trigger them on demand.
Posted By: kiseki (4/28/2014 1:53:10 PM)