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While I'm hearing lots of love for this card in draft, no one mentions Priest of Iroas.

When you need a chump blocker, it's a 1/1 for Red. When you need to destroy an Enchantment (not just an Aura), it's 3RedWhite. If you play the creature first and then wait, the destruction happens at instant speed. It's more colourful, but what it really does is create a threat.

Your opponents will be less likely to play big enchantments unless they're willing to reciprocate. That means that you could save yourself a few turns before they play those.

I honestly hate this card because it's still a "kill spell", but it's so inefficient that I'd rather just draft a creature like Pheres-Band Tromper and let them deal with me rather than the other way around.
Posted By: Ferlord (2/24/2014 12:25:31 PM)


For everyone comparing this to War Priest of Thune, do you even play limited? How rare/what CMC would you expect to have a creature at that can kill a vast majority of the set? If this guy said "ETB: Kill 1/2 the cards in the block", what do you think his rarity would be? What would you want to pay? Do you think a 2CMC bear that had such power could be at common or even uncommon? Would you even play anything BUT that bear?

I'm not saying I like this dude. Like others said it is only aruas, not enchantments, so it MAY not hit. BUT, if it were like War Preist, costed only 2 mana, and killed ANY enchantment, then it would be WAY overpowered for limited. Its like if a 2 drop shatter-bear was a common in Mirrodin blocks... wouldn't happen. It would break the format, and limited wouldn't be fun.

So yeah, for constructed, if you have access to White obv run the priest. But not every card is designed with constructed in mind. There are many formats in which one can play MTG, and not all o... (see all)
Posted By: Bbone37 (5/5/2014 2:40:42 PM)


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