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I don't understand all of the artwork hate! There's not that much in the way of male eye-candy in this game, and it looks great.
The argument seems to be "He doesn't look like he's on his way to battle" but come on: So many of the female cards look like they're on their way to work at their local *ahem* "dance club". What's the problem with a few good-looking guys? ;)
Posted By: OhTheInsanity (3/8/2014 2:46:33 AM)


Excited to use him in my Vorel of the Hull Clade EDH deck with Liquimetal Coating. :)
Posted By: xSkullxBurierx (3/9/2014 12:07:18 PM)


It's nice to see the art reflecting a much more authoritative looking Jace considering the end of the Return to Ravnica storyline instead of his usual moody teenager-esque appearance. This Jace looks like he's about to lay down the law and debate the ever loving s#!t out of some Azorius officials.
Posted By: Reishyn (3/15/2014 3:01:54 AM)


They say no man is an island. Severus Snape, pictured here by being poorly cropped into an ill-fitting space suit, is no different. Therefore it is best to accompany him with some other cards - he's especially fond of islands.
Posted By: ShimmeringElk (3/16/2014 1:54:38 AM)


The art isn't for me, but by no means is it bad.

Although yes. Looks like that casino royale guy
Posted By: SquiddyFish (3/20/2014 7:47:22 AM)


RTR Jace is where he's really worried, and had great art.

Jace Vs Vraska is after DGM, where he's now in charge. Art's sorta meh (he almost looks like a girl), but still a great card.
Posted By: Casimir_the_Great (4/4/2014 8:26:35 AM)


Come on, Jace, just punch Vraska... I see your clenched fist... Look her in the face and punch her...
Posted By: Belgarath123 (4/5/2014 9:59:04 AM)


I'm not sure why people are complaining about the art. The other artwork is just totally wrong for Jace's character--why does he have that totally sculpted face and light brown hair? This is a much better representation of a prodigal determined to turn a new leaf. I'd much rather look at this than a colorshifted white knight.
Posted By: Aelvr (4/5/2014 7:48:28 PM)


Looks like those Azorius census-takers better hold onto their livers.

Okay, I know that was obscure. I'm saying that Hannibal Lecter caught the spark.
Posted By: blindthrall (4/9/2014 5:35:48 PM)


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