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Anyone comparing Magic to Yu-Gi-Oh! should just shut up. If you look at the rules for the two games, you start to wonder how Yu-Gi-Oh! got away without major copyright infringement lawsuits. It's just a ripoff of Magic that used manga and anime to boost its sales.
Posted By: statiefreez (3/15/2010 6:18:53 PM)


Vesuvan Shapeshifter.
Posted By: LordRandomness (12/8/2011 4:03:48 PM)


@DarthParallax - Sadly, it doesn't...Morph uses 'flip' (turned face up), Werewolves use 'transform' (transform). Rule 711 specifies more on this.

Posted By: Alsebra (12/2/2012 12:03:51 PM)


Pretty nice card to have in a morphling deck, but those aren't very strong anyway.

Don't touch it with a ten foot pole otherwise.

Posted By: Tamerlein (7/19/2013 9:44:12 AM)


I play this in my yugioh deck. people keep flipping stuff up all the time and I'm just like... cool. Then these judges come around with a stick up their asses and explain that my sleeves should all be uniform in size etc. I cut the borders off and took a sharpie to the (3). It's a ritual monster now, I play it in Gishki. huehuehuehuehue

Protip: use in Empty Jar for maximum lulz.

Seriously though, great in Morph, where it rewards that extra mana investment. It's a shame you can't use it on cards like Zoetic Cavern though.

*To those of you who dismiss Yugioh as an inferior game, try it before you bash it. I played it for a while before I got into magic and I found both games to have a unique charm. In magic, creativity in deckbuilding tends to be more fruitful and games are often more fairly paced (i/e outside of eternal formats there are usually very few, if any, ways to lose a game on turn 1 or 2. In YGO it can happen on a scale of rarely to all the time, depend... (see all)
Posted By: Drewskithelegend (11/12/2013 10:29:07 PM)


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