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I plan on making a artifact deck running 4 of these along with 4 solarions easy reusable finisher in a big multiplayer match.. especially when you have friends who play ally decks with 4 ondu clerics and end up with well over 100 hit points
Posted By: combobuilder (6/14/2010 10:49:41 AM)


this + abyssal specter. your opponant can't draw cards.
Posted By: iyearP (4/28/2010 1:12:36 PM)


I like this, but that equip cost really puts me off from it... i haven't found a solid spot for it in any of my decks.
Posted By: Robface (8/24/2011 6:46:56 PM)


This card seemed so cool to me until I was told that it takes 21 COMBAT damage from a general to kill someone in EDH. Then it just lost all its fun.
Posted By: GrandAdmiralThrawn89 (2/12/2012 5:43:40 PM)


Phage the UntouchableType your comment here.
Posted By: iMorphious (10/20/2012 6:04:23 AM)


How would this work if Experiment Kraj put a +1/+1 counter on the creature that equipped this? Would using the Kraj's copied ability unequipt the Trident from the thing it copied, or could it just use its ability without having to unequip anything. Either alternative is hilarious if you're not the controller of the equipped creature it copies.
Posted By: Milun (12/2/2012 3:26:52 PM)


Steel Hellkite for some fun versatile removal
Posted By: Rathios1337 (12/6/2012 4:01:06 PM)


Phage doesn't work because it's not counted as combat damage.
Posted By: Arachnos (1/15/2013 11:15:45 PM)


This on a Darksteel Colossus equipped with a Cranial Plating = good game! Cruel but legal lol. 4.5/5

@Flyheight: You're totally right about that. Hurray for Blight! 8)
Posted By: BladeManFX (5/29/2013 7:58:44 PM)


It's a bit expensive to use, but worth it in the right deck. One nice thing is that both its effects work well on high-power, low-toughness creatures. Also, you can wait until the end of your opponent's turn to activate it, so you can still use the creature as a blocker; and it's a good way to get high-power defenders to swing, too.
Posted By: Aquillion (6/21/2013 9:12:26 PM)