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He can survive having all graveyards devoid of creatures, his toughness will still be 1. Gaea's Embrace will protect him from graveyard removal and give him trample, as will Behemoth Sledge.
Posted By: A3Kitsune (2/12/2010 8:10:03 AM)


Being flavor-tied to an admittedly hilarious Unhinged card makes this very hard to take seriously, but it's a nasty little bugger whether you combo it into a god-killing monstrosity or just wait until the right time (Which should come as early as turn 4 for a 'decent' use of it, assuming you're battling back and forth decently. From there it just gets better with age)
Exoskeletal Armor is potentially much better, but why not put Exo ON this guy for a delicious, oh-so-rare in magic doubling?
Posted By: GradiustheFox (3/8/2010 6:08:13 AM)


Mortivore with +1 toughness, but it losses the regeneration.
Posted By: Lunarblade (5/6/2010 6:42:02 PM)


The green counterpart of the black Mortivore with one toughness more, yet unable to regenerate... What to say. Mortivore is better with few cards in graveyard due to his regeneration. When there's a lot of cards in the graveyard, Mortivore is still better because his regenerate can save him from a pesky destroy spell (as long as it's not one from which you can't regenerate). Also, Mortivore is black, which makes him less vulnerable to black kill spells. Not to mention Mortivore has crushingly more badass artwork.

And yet. For a creature that can reach ludicrous power... green is the way to go. Why? Because green disposes of multitudes of easy ways to give those creatures trample. Mortivore can swing in vain at the opponent's 1/1 chump blockers while a green player will swap a Rancor or the like on Lhurgoyf, swing and overkill for the win.
Posted By: Arachnos (2/6/2011 4:31:23 PM)


"What? OH CRA-"
-Hans, last words
Posted By: Shadoflaam (3/15/2011 12:34:44 PM)


I imagine this would work well with dredge.
Posted By: RuscoJames (5/7/2011 12:12:11 PM)


Sadly outclassed by several cards nowadays (Bonehoard) but Lhurgoyf is still a classic and his flavor text will forever be immortalized in card form.
"Ach! Hans, run!"
Posted By: GruesomeGoo (6/11/2011 1:08:02 AM)


Posted By: Areps (5/1/2013 5:35:24 PM)


I prefer the Pete Venters version.
Posted By: SarcasmElemental (9/17/2013 11:13:39 AM)


This guy + Exoskeletal Armor + Bestowed Nighthowler + Equipped Bonehoard.

That's power equal to four times the number of all creatures in all graveyards, and toughness equal to that plus one. Give it trample (probably through Rancor) and have fun.
Posted By: TheWallinator74 (4/18/2014 6:22:27 PM)