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he should be 6/5 or even 6/6.
Posted By: True_Smog (10/19/2009 10:01:26 AM)


6/4 Trample, Shroud with 2GreenGreenGreen
Posted By: SwordSkill (9/21/2009 3:34:48 PM)


A simple, elegant machine with which to leverage force on your opponent's cranium.

A beatstick.
Posted By: Guest1381794618 (9/3/2011 12:04:26 AM)


Perfect card - just right.
Posted By: Opined_Fluke (10/23/2011 9:04:36 PM)


I remember when I was first starting out around Planar Chaos, and I decided to buy a bunch of other things to increase my collection. I got two of these in boosters, and I thought, hell yeah!
This guy was pretty busted while playing with my also new-to-magic friend, until he figured out that he could block it with something bigger: a Phantasmagorian enchanted with Unholy Strength. Ah, good times.
Posted By: RJDroid (1/14/2012 11:36:06 PM)


An excellent commander. The only annoying thing about him is that equipment and enchantments don't work. You have to build around this, but having a commander who's so difficult to remove is great. Also, trample on a commander is a great way to accumulate commander damage quickly, especially with that 6 power.
Posted By: james2c19v (2/21/2012 12:53:52 PM)


A solid rare. Once again that cheap mana cost makes him hard to get rid of with soulshift. On top of that, that artwork is FIERCE!
Posted By: Dragasm (6/20/2012 12:40:42 PM)


I like this card. I run two in my mono green deck. I've seen many control deck players curse upon seeing this card hit the table. Green deserves this.
Posted By: BongRipper420 (10/15/2012 5:25:21 PM)


Seems nice. From the kami block too.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (12/14/2012 11:52:10 PM)


Reminds me of Vorapede. This one can't be exiled but doesn't come back after mass-removal. Interesting both have its pros and cons.
Posted By: whoiam (5/3/2013 8:09:08 AM)