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Licids are pretty sweet. The idea could have been implemented a little more gracefully though.
Also I'm pretty sure licid is a real word. $#&^ +@spell checker
Posted By: TPmanW (3/6/2011 10:58:33 PM)


Wow! Just imagine a novice getting the Dominator pre-con back in the day and reading this card. Little bit confusing eh?

Anyways this isn't half-bad control card. Being able to change card types is nice. Also you can keep doing his ability, which means he can constantly do board control.

4.5 stars.
Posted By: John-Bender (12/21/2009 4:34:36 AM)


Great card, one of my favorite years ago (actually, even nowadays)!
The ability to switching from creature to enchantment and vice-versa keeps him away from dangers. Used to save him even from combat damage, not anymore, it seems...
Taking control of an opponent creature is one of the mightest effect, but you can't sacrifice it, if you want to keep this card alive.
Posted By: leomistico (7/7/2009 7:00:11 AM)


This is for me, the best licid out there, as it maintains the tough to kill attributes of other licids and is the only true "Mind Control" one, reinforcing licids as alien body snatchers
Posted By: Commander_Claw (8/24/2009 10:05:18 AM)


Huh. Reminds me of the brain slugs from Futurama.
Posted By: Saxophonist (4/22/2010 8:03:01 PM)


These were difficult to get rid of, aside from nailing it before the summoning sickness was done.
Heres a few ways to deal with them now if you got a friend who uses (Abuses) these old school gems.

#1 : Krosan Grip,Sudden Death, Sudden Shock Or anything simular. Split Second will not allow time for any switcharoo antics.
#2 : Planar Cleansing or any other mass removal that hits both cretures and enchantments at the same time.
#3 : Abeyance, Cursed Totem, City of solitude or any other card that can throw off activated abilitys. Some, like Bind simply require common sense timing.
#4 : You can always upend the table, yell like a barbarian and refuse to play. Its not proper ettiquite but good lord is it effective. :)
Posted By: XTwistedsoulX (6/8/2011 3:13:55 PM)


An amazingly confusing card.
Posted By: Vorthosian (7/6/2009 10:06:15 AM)


So...it's a Control Magic that doesn't die well at all...seems fine.
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (2/8/2010 11:16:44 AM)


Impressive piece of work. Its ability is cheaper than spells like Mind Control and can be used and re-used as you please. They just don't make cards this flavorful anymore.
Posted By: Treima (5/23/2010 3:13:01 PM)


Why have these guys not been reprinted/redone a la Slivers, etc.? Amazing idea. And, contrary to Vorthosian, these cards are hardly confusing, just wordy (kinda like Suspend). If you can't figure out what this is trying to do there's no hope left for you in the world of Magic.
Posted By: djbon2112 (11/9/2010 11:52:06 AM)


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