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Doubling Season will make it 20/20
Posted By: Vik. (1/24/2010 9:24:08 AM)


A monster with exponential growth? Hell yeah!
Posted By: Faidite (10/7/2009 7:16:01 AM)


Killer Art Killer Creature Use To Block While At Your Enemies End Step You Just Make Him A Monstrosity
Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (9/20/2009 9:49:36 PM)


So if I bring out Quirion Elves and choose purple for mana, could I conceivably get a Solarion that starts out at 6/6?
Posted By: TheHandyman (8/28/2011 8:13:20 PM)


TAP TO WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!
-.- I second Shadowflaam

Pro-Douchebag tip: Power out with Moxen, Artifact Lands, Sol Ring and Lotus Petal in a bitchin' Arcbound Ravager Affinity deck.

Seems like everybody forgets that guy has MODULAR on top of being like a 20/20 turn 2 in 'Artifact-Happy-Mana-of-Infinite-Magical-Christmas-Land' that we call: Magic the Gathering

This guy better be in From the Lab's you-know-it's-coming Riku of Two Refelections 'DAMNLoL! DAMNLoL! Doubling is Fun! Doubling is Fun!' deck....
Posted By: DarthParallax (8/13/2011 4:08:24 PM)


What happens if you have multiple solarion in play. For example, check the 3rd ruling of ink-treader nephilim.

Wouldn't you double all counters on all solarions with one of them tapping ?
How do you ask wizards this question ?
Posted By: Ninjastarrr (8/24/2013 3:30:25 PM)


Kulrath Knight basically makes this an any sunburst creature useless unless they have other abilities like the suncrusher.
Posted By: Tobolococo (2/9/2010 11:38:48 AM)


Throw a Seedborn Muse in with Doubling Season and you quadruple the effect of Solarion. Just throwing that out there.
Posted By: OpeeFomenom (7/31/2010 5:39:57 PM)


Definitely one of my favorite cards ever
Posted By: RalphietheAlien (8/8/2010 7:56:15 AM)


...aaaaaand this is proof wizards was doing crack when they made mirrodin.
Posted By: Shadoflaam (2/20/2011 5:34:13 PM)