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it's a parody of form of the dragon
Posted By: GengilOrbios (7/2/2011 1:14:04 PM)


Doubling Season. Now what?
Posted By: ax_morph (10/9/2011 8:01:36 PM)


Awesome combined with squirrel nests, and destroying it later with an isochron scepter can be a game winner after you've accumulated enough squirrels.
Posted By: eskla (10/1/2010 11:46:29 AM)


@supershawn If I had to guess, I'd say either Simic Guildmage or Vedalken Orrery.
Posted By: Zuriga_Sungama (3/5/2011 9:23:19 PM)


You should be unable to lose the game as long as you are a squirrel. =(
Posted By: Rikiaz (4/17/2011 7:01:15 PM)


Incredibly funny parody on form of the dragon. Well done wizards! :D
Posted By: Dark_Raider (9/6/2009 2:34:56 PM)


You can still be damaged by atmospheric life draining effects (i.e. Blood Tyrant). :(

If the squirrel token leaves play while the enchantment is phased out, and then the enchantment phases back in, what happens? Do you lose, or become virtually invulnerable?
Posted By: Hibron (2/15/2011 4:52:05 PM)


I've got it! Mycosynth Lattice+This+Bazaar Trader+Despotic Scepter=Win.
Posted By: Ratoly (3/2/2010 8:02:42 PM)


have a enchantment sac outlet and sac the enchantment when the squirrel becomes a target, because it says when the squirrel leaves play not the enchantment
Posted By: KingCody77 (2/10/2011 11:12:16 AM)


@ MasterofEtherium: It says you can't play spells so you can't cast an aura on him... but way to not capitalize the frist letter of every word ha, that's a first. You would have to have an equipment out like Lightning Greaves already out then equip the token.
Edit: Just saw The_Sturm said about the same thing I did to MoE already ha. MoE is famous on this site for all the wrong reasons.
Posted By: TreeTrunkMaster (4/15/2011 10:55:03 PM)