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This is identical to Propaganda, right?
Posted By: achilleselbow (3/31/2010 1:04:51 AM)


In my opinion, the best card in extended.
Posted By: kriissii (1/17/2010 1:15:05 PM)


A great card which will slow down your oppenant in any agrro deck.
Posted By: PaladinOfSunhome (9/15/2009 4:21:14 AM)


"If you really want to go defensive, go blue-white and have a set of these and a set of Propaganda as well."

dont forget to use windborn muse you'll find that your opponent simply wont be able to afford to attack you then top it off with Blinding Mage and Squall Drifter and then even if they do manage to take a swing at you well you just tap there creature
Posted By: aba1 (6/23/2010 10:32:10 AM)


I didn't think they allowed good cards to be put into the Kamigawa block...
Posted By: Originalsin (1/25/2010 9:11:45 PM)


This would be some much of a better card if it was an instant or had flash
Posted By: lyle685 (9/16/2010 3:52:08 PM)


Usually this kind of shenanigans is reserved for blue. This card can single handedly shut down your opponent's side. If they are running an Aggro deck or any kind of heavy combo deck that involves creatures this card stops them cold. Even if it made your opponent's have to pay 1 per creature it would have been good.
Posted By: HeraldOfRazia (4/3/2013 2:20:48 PM)


And don't forget a Norn's Annex or two.
Posted By: DarkonCrack (5/19/2013 6:42:03 AM)