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don't forget its a rare
there are more powerfull common land cards , swamp for example
Posted By: Shikadi (8/15/2009 2:37:13 PM)


It is possible that you could win you the game on turn 2 with Hall of the Bandit Lord
Turn 1
Hall of Bandit Lord
Turn 2
2 Dark Ritual
Sol Ring
Phage The Untouchable
Posted By: SATAN-S_PAWN (9/13/2009 9:43:35 PM)


Mr. Pawn has the right idea. Way to think creatively.
Posted By: Lateralis0ne (12/26/2009 11:46:17 PM)


If it also had a tap effect for a regular mana without any extras (so no haste and no life loss), it would actually be a pretty good land with that "haste for 3 life" option. However, since paying 3 life is the one and only way to extract mana from this card without help, it sucks.
Posted By: ChaoticDarkness (3/8/2010 9:02:55 AM)


This card has actually served me pretty well in my Marrow-Gnawer/Intruder Alarm deck, where often times that haste is what makes or breaks the combo, as someone will typically kill/exile/steal the poor guy as soon as it's their turn.
Posted By: BlackDoveProphet (11/22/2010 8:16:31 PM)


Great card in EDH where you have tons of life and creatures having haste matters a lot more. Not so great if you are playing red
Posted By: Shoe2 (12/9/2010 10:22:51 PM)


It's possible to win on the second turn, but not at all likely. TRASH RARE ALERT, God I hate you Kamigawa block.
Posted By: ArtBell (2/15/2010 4:50:36 PM)


Posted By: MasterOfEtherium (5/29/2009 11:11:49 PM)


comes into play tapped, can only have one copy in play and gives haste at the expense of 3 life... what an awesome deal.
Posted By: Altjira (1/20/2009 9:34:48 AM)


Now now, don't be so hasty (haha what an awesome pun), this card can give any color the ability to have creatures with haste. It's a combo card, it will suck horribly if you plop it in a deck without any forethought.
Posted By: Lege (11/8/2009 7:40:25 AM)


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