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Uyo, Silent Prophet + Time Stretch = infinate turns
Posted By: Takashi_theDestroier (2/15/2010 3:01:54 PM)


No to say that this card is horrible, but I'd rather play Wild Ricochet.
Posted By: blugrn1989 (5/10/2011 2:58:04 AM)


What's that? I can't hear you.
Posted By: Forgeling (8/23/2009 7:29:06 PM)


Yeah, wouldn't he be a terrible prophet if he were silent?
Posted By: Japicx (7/17/2011 6:23:35 PM)


Great card to go with Tunnel Vision.

Put a card on the bottom of a players library, use tunnel vision, if they aren't milled out, send 2 land to your hand, do it again, repeat until its over.
Posted By: languill (10/1/2011 10:09:38 AM)


languill, Tunnel Vision wouldn't work, because it puts the named card back on top of their deck, and only milled what was above it - you'd have to name a different card to get past the one you named, and then copy it AGAIN, naming the one you know is on bottom.

I'm sure Uyo has better things she can do, anyway
Posted By: Dr.Pingas (5/16/2012 1:54:44 AM)


Summer Bloom?
Posted By: ChrisBosh_IronGolem (6/20/2012 11:24:48 PM)


Blue Green Landfall!

I love that her ability not only doesnt require tapping but is activated by colorless
Posted By: feedbacker (10/9/2012 12:26:29 AM)


I'd use Retrace cards with her. Cast spell, use Uyo to copy the spell, then use those lands for Retrace, and perhaps copy more.
Posted By: Cyberium (12/7/2012 1:04:17 AM)


I think she's a nicely designed, well rounded card. In particular i'm thinking of edh. Note that she can bypass alot of the annoying, red, mass land destruction simply by using her ability.

"nice wildfire you got there... "

furthermore, her own protection is partially guaranteed by her ability, so long as you don't excessively use it in order to continuously off people's permanents you should be fine, or if your deck isn't entirely based on being a complete prick so your playgroup doesn't off you at the first opportunity.

Having a decent body along with evasion also means she can win a game through commander damage, although i'd have to say it definitely helps adding in some way of amplifying that damage, just like it would with any other commander. Besides, 6cmc for an air elemental with a sweet ability isn't that bad, although something like djinn of wishes is also pretty neat, manages to do just fine without costing the extra mana. Couple... (see all)
Posted By: Gheridarigaaz (3/11/2013 8:52:34 PM)