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Dude is downright devastating in EDH where hands are maintained for card advantage.

I know I've been shellacked by this guy on more than one occasion to cause me to lose the EDH game.
Posted By: PKleck (5/28/2010 8:57:15 AM)


I am very surprised that no one has commented on O-Night!

Oh well, I shall be first then<3!

This card is pretty much amazing, one of the few gems that comes from Kamigawa block. If you combo it with That Which was Taken . . . it completely locks down your opponent similarly to how a Legend Nicol Bolas would shut down your opponent after the first swing.

All in all, a wonderfully designed card.
Posted By: Queen_of_the_Fae (2/12/2009 5:04:52 PM)


Yep, upon close inspection, there is a female face in the midst of the robes and hands. And @The_S(chmuck)turm, thanks for providing us with a comment that is as lacking in thought as it is short. This is an interesting card, and the top comment is a reference to a simple removal spell. For shame, comment raters, for shame. inb4 "ur a comment snob," etc.
Posted By: Goatllama (2/18/2012 5:18:41 PM)


This is not a bad myojin. It can be amazing.
Do the rest of the myojins combo with things like Lilliana's Caress and Megrim?
It's a very good card in a discard EDH such as Crosis, the Purger.
Posted By: KokoshoForPresident (3/30/2012 3:42:47 PM)


I can't hate this card. I mean, everything about it is just meh. Then I read that last ability... All I see now is instant speed discard. Catastrophically priced, but instant all the same. 4/5 for that alone
Posted By: TheManakinTransfer (5/29/2012 11:34:22 PM)


granted, but when used along with this lockdown it's worth using it.
but you overstate this card, this combo certainly does not make it 5/5.
in general, it's the worst one from the Myojin cycle.
An indestructible 5/2 eight-drop is not that cheap. and forcing an opponent to discard his or her hand in lategame is not such a tragedy as well i think, unless you can force him to do so every upkeep...
the other myojinns don't create a lock, but they are often more useful as a single card:
Cleansing Fire 5WhiteWhiteWhite 4/6 --> Wrath of God except himself
Infinite Rage 7RedRedRed 7/4 --> Armageddon
Life's Web 6GreenGreenGreen 8/8 --> Eureka for you
Seeing Winds 7BlueBlueBlue 3/3 --> Massive card advantage
well ok, the latter isn't the best one either (they apparently over-nerved this guy during playtesting), but you will in most cases draw more th... (see all)
Posted By: Mode (2/21/2009 7:55:22 AM)


Posted By: The_Sturm (12/30/2010 9:37:17 PM)


Yeah, people who tend to play this, jhoira, and/or eldrazi tend to get removed from EDH multi-players fairly quickly, and in edh people tend to maintain hand sizes.

You have obviously never drawn 23 cards from the blue myojin alone and then proceeded to Rush of Knowledge for another 10. xD

You'd want to pop the counter after an opponents draw if anything, not during their upkeep.

If you don't like having friends.
Posted By: KarmasPayment (7/2/2010 7:21:43 AM)


apparently this 'a really weak ability' according to some.

Umm...you know that it is in fact AT LEAST a Mind Twist every time? and that Mind Twist is considered too powerful for Legacy? and this does sooo much more than Mind Twist in a multiplayer game.

Mind Twist may not be Armageddon or Wrath of God if people have flushed their hands onto the field- but in a duel, you can build a control deck to keep them from doing that, backing up their hands with cards they can't risk playing- then make them discard all their hands anyway.
Posted By: DarthParallax (3/10/2012 12:32:52 AM)


Proliferate makes this a free discard engine whenever you want once it hits the field.
Posted By: MechaKraken (10/25/2012 3:43:45 AM)