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The original intent of this kind of serves as a precursor to the dredge mechanic.
1. Find some spirits and stick em in your yard.
2. Soulshift something big to get any of one of those spirits back
3. ???
4. Profit!

But the coolest thing to do with this, as has been said is a Living End deck.
Patriarch's Bidding, Twilight's Call, and Balthor the Defiled also work.
Posted By: HairlessThoctar (6/8/2010 9:23:05 AM)


Demigod of Revenge is a Spirit :)
Posted By: Vinifera7 (9/12/2009 5:22:31 PM)


Iname is best friends with four Dragon Spirits who are all called Kokusho, the Evening Star. They play Living Death together.
Posted By: stygimoloch (2/14/2009 8:13:41 AM)


You could also use Patriarch's Bidding to get all your spirits back. You can Shadowfeed things you definitely don't want returned to life.
Posted By: Etregan (11/21/2009 3:10:43 AM)


great card with so many possibilities in combos
Posted By: FugimSky (7/1/2009 2:50:30 PM)


Bloodghast and Akuta, Born of Ash are best friends with this guy.
Posted By: TokenMaster (3/14/2010 2:25:28 PM)


Posted By: Paleopaladin (5/23/2011 6:14:39 PM)


Hey, this is a fun-looking thing! Mass ressurection can provided through Liliana Vess, Living Death and Grimoire Of The Dead
Posted By: Splizer (11/22/2011 1:59:24 PM)


It is a shadow, the true self.

It's one of those Shadows from Persona 4, born from the repressed emotions of Iname, Life Aspect. Because he refused to accept his selfishness and desire to keep his Child forever, Iname, Death Aspect remained loose upon the world, until whatever caused Iname as One to happen.
Posted By: Axelle (11/17/2012 1:01:43 AM)


This is gonna sound dumb, but ALL of the guildpact Eidolons are Spirits. Cast Iname, get all the eidolons in your yard, cast something like Lightning Helix or whatever, then use the eidolons for some cool discard effect.

just a thought. Mortal Combat sounds fun too though
Posted By: El_Pared (12/13/2012 4:04:41 PM)


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