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Still made of molten magma and lava...
Still nothing to do with thunder or lightning or anything storm-related for that matter...
Still called thundermare...

Posted By: allmighty_abacus (9/13/2010 10:04:11 AM)


Back in the days before Tempest came out, this horse was a killer. I used this in an animator deck alongside Spirit of the Night, Nicol Bolas and Archangel.
Posted By: getz19 (4/13/2010 7:57:35 AM)


What happens if it enters the battlefield when Intruder Alarm is in play? o.O
Posted By: CharonSquared (12/9/2010 4:54:20 PM)


@CharonSquared: It depends on who controls the Intruder Alarm. If Thundermare's Controller also controls the alarm, he or she may stack the triggers as he or she chooses to have all creatures become tapped or untapped. If another player controls the alarm, the triggers will apply in Active Player-Non Active Player order, meaning that Tundermare's trigger will always go on the stack first. Then Intruder Alarm's trigger will go on the stack, resolve first, and untap all creatures. Then Thundermare's trigger will resolve, tapping all other creatures.
Posted By: RJ.693 (4/20/2011 8:02:40 AM)


Mindwrack Liege it in at the end of your opponent's turn. Untap all creatures, swing, just with this and Mindwrack himself you'd already have 10 damage practically guaranteed to get through, that's assuming you have absolutely nothing else. (In a U/R deck, that means you're probably doing poorly anyway.)
Posted By: Joseph_Leito (7/13/2011 10:12:32 AM)


Now all it needs is vigilance...
Posted By: TheHandyman (8/5/2011 7:41:26 PM)


It's like a better Lava Axe, as far as I can tell.
Lava axe hits one turn earlier, but only once, although it's vulnerable to Negate instead of Doom Blade.
Posted By: NoobOfLore (10/1/2011 3:41:49 PM)


This card would do well in a Thundermare tribal deck, considering their popularity :P
Posted By: Ferlord (2/12/2012 8:00:12 AM)


Play a Relentless Assault after summoning this. It adds insult (and more injury) to injury.
Posted By: Mythril_Wyrm (3/1/2012 4:33:09 PM)


Nasty little combo with fog. You smash with mare and then opponent alpha strikes with most of his army, fog and then swing again with your army.
Posted By: TheWrathofShane (4/16/2013 12:32:13 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!