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The specific role in Vintage is to kill your enemy's Tamorgoyf when your Tamorgoyf crashes into it?
Posted By: achilleselbow (8/4/2010 4:10:17 AM)


good luck killing Tarmogoyf with this
Posted By: mtgraptor (6/20/2013 6:11:44 AM)


In a format like Legacy, all the important creatures have one toughness
Dark Confidant, Tarmogoyf (the first turn or two sometimes), Birds of Paradise, Priest of Titania, 99% of elves in existence, Snapcaster Mage, Lotus Cobra, etc...
Also, you can play this after you untap but before you draw, then dredge and play again to take out something with 2+ toughness (Metalworker). You can do this several times per turn for other random draw effects
Posted By: Superllama12 (3/7/2012 6:01:57 PM)


an extremely elegant card.
Posted By: Kryptnyt (10/9/2010 6:56:55 PM)


In Vintage, you use this card to kill:
* Dark Confidant. (Black 2/1 bomb card.)
* Snapcaster Mage. (Blue 2/1 bomb card.)
* Lotus Cobra. (Green 2/1 bomb card.)
* Goblin Welder. (Red 1/1 bomb card.)
* Metalworker. (Colorless 1/1 bomb card.)
* Your own 1/1 colorless Spirit creature token from Forbidden Orchard
(before your opponent can use it to trigger Oath of Druids).
Posted By: Salient (1/27/2012 7:31:43 PM)


Technically another answer to Bitterblossom.
Posted By: Evermint (6/26/2010 1:38:03 AM)


can't even kill two storm crows in one turn
Posted By: DaaNz (5/26/2011 3:07:41 AM)


can't even kill storm crow
Posted By: chaosjuggler (4/13/2009 3:25:57 AM)


i have a very interesting question to put under your eyes.Dredge ability says: "...if you do, return this card to its owner's hand.Otherwise, draw a card." that means "if you don't pick up this card you can use dredge once again: in fact you could only active dredge if you are drowing a card. My question is: could i do it, dredging all my deck in just one step?
Posted By: jerry1991 (1/11/2010 1:55:13 PM)


Can you dredge if a card is preventing you from drawing cards? can you dredge instead of drawing a card due to a spell or ability such as brainstorm,? and What about with an effect that makes you draw more than one card at a time such asfont of mythos would that mean you could dredge three times instead of drawing a card and could you mix and match (dredge, draw, draw etc.)?? thanks in advance (y)
Posted By: micro_blaster (6/18/2011 4:58:55 AM)