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I like that a card like this exists in the game. Very very black, which is super cool.
Posted By: Pwnsaw (10/23/2010 1:18:47 AM)


I actually got into physical combat with my 19 y/o younger brother over this card and me playing it. thats how much this card owns
Posted By: Equa1ity (11/21/2010 11:21:56 AM)


Me: Pick a number. I can have you -
Opponent: 48
Me:... ok... you lose.
Opponent: *reads card* ... can I take that back?
Posted By: VoidedNote (8/24/2010 10:14:54 PM)


Awesome. Awesome. One of the blackest card I've seen in flavour. Two thumbs up to the designer.
Posted By: Carnophage_4ever (10/28/2010 5:09:27 PM)


Evil and great card. Perfect and fun with It That Betrays.
Posted By: Bursama (11/23/2010 1:17:22 PM)


I love choice cards and I particularly love the idea of a choice between health and possessions. That said, I have seen generally poor results from this card in casual play. It seems like my opponent almost always either: sacrifices his or her 2-3 least valuable permanents OR loses 7-8 life and I question why I didn't just use Corrupt. For Commander/EDH, it's amazing.

@teddythebenn - Why would a player choose a number HIGHER than the number of permanents he or she owns?
Posted By: iUseBreakOpen (12/19/2011 10:58:03 AM)


Twincast (or worse yet, Panoptic Mirror) makes this card win games just by the sheer anger it causes. It's the fun flavor cards like this that keep me playing magic, no matter how horribly ridiculous those stupid "turn one win" nonsense decks get to be.
Posted By: Zaneshift (9/7/2010 12:41:11 AM)


Could you choose a negative number?
Posted By: themlsna (6/7/2010 2:15:20 AM)



it says that the opponent must sac all permanents but one!
so if an opponent says 1 than you can chose that he must sac all permanents but one
--> he is fucked up
Posted By: Hancocky (5/22/2011 4:25:19 AM)


Ladies and gentlemen, the new top-rating gameshow.

Beetle or Pot...
Beetle or Pot...
Is it a Beetle, is it a Pot?
BEETLE or POT?! (dun-dun-da!)
Posted By: nibelheim_valesti (6/22/2010 6:01:11 PM)


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