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Ah...the good old days when WotC knew how to cost a mega-fattie!
Posted By: Paleopaladin (9/18/2011 9:29:02 AM)


guaranteed meteor proof. By your one today!
Posted By: Aun (9/24/2011 1:09:03 AM)


OK, it costs too much.
OK, it's not protected against removal.
OK, it's not the biggest nor the most powerful creature in Magic.
- it's a WURM, one of the most iconic creature types since the beginning;
- it's 9/14, and I wonder which R&D member was born on that day;
- it costs 10GreenGreenGreenWhiteWhite, and real timmies like a high number followed by many simbols in the upper right corner of the cards, just because they feel more powerful;
- it's so big that it takes one day to walk from its head to its tail;
- it can survive a METEOR IMPACT (thanks RobinHood3000 for posting);
- it's crashing a city tower like it were crashing a twig...
To me it's not the most beautiful wurm, nor the most powerful, but it is sure one of the best ones!

Not really a good card, but lovable!
Posted By: Paolino (1/20/2012 8:13:14 AM)


Ha, I wonder if 9/14 was an actual calculated decision or if someone at Wizards was just like "Hey, big numbers on wurm, these are lucky."
Posted By: PhagePoker (11/10/2009 1:54:28 PM)


Cards like these actually make me sad, because wizards assumes that because green can have a lot of mana that everything should cost a lot of mana. Even with mana accel and convoke.. the insanity it would take to get this creature into play just isn't worth it. There's always elvish piper and dramatic entrance, along with summoning trap, but this is far from the best creature you could choose to try to get with one of those abilities. To many of the selesnya cards are just weaker versions of other cards, in that they would be equivalent.. if they didn't cost so much to use. Also, convoking all the time means your not attacking, leaving you with the option of having a bunch of creatures but waiting longer or not playing your other creatures. Another example is guardian of vitu-ghazi, a surprisingly good creature as a 4/7 elemental with vigilance.. but at 8 mana, its kind of confounding why you would ever try to play it. Even back when it was first printed there were better ... (see all)
Posted By: Donovan_Fabian (2/12/2010 2:06:48 PM)


"It dies to removal" is such a terrible argument. Most things die to removal. That said, there are better things to cheat into play but this is a fun one to use.
Posted By: Weebo126 (11/6/2009 10:37:07 AM)


Doran, the Siege Tower approves.
Posted By: Okuu-chan (12/16/2011 4:07:54 PM)


Not a bad card. It benefits greatly from it's GW coloring, since it allows it to fit very well into token decks. It's cost with convoke is fair. 4/5.
Posted By: wesleeisweslee (3/4/2012 6:31:17 PM)


Timmy's heart explodes when he realizes that this is one of the best targets for Shield of the Oversoul ever.
Posted By: Zulp (1/7/2010 12:44:56 AM)


the only creature that can stop a krosan cloudscraper
this is also the most amazing target for Elemental Resonance, especially now that mana burn is gone
this card is not that hard to get out either. If you have a few keeper of progenitus and mirari's wake you can get this out turn 5 or 6
Posted By: Gezus82 (12/6/2009 2:53:05 PM)