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One of the few cards that actually combos with Akroma, Angel of Wrath.
Posted By: THalbrook (5/9/2011 3:28:31 PM)


Combo with a two-drop Beloved Chaplain for some outstanding protection.
Posted By: SiliconRain (5/24/2011 11:32:55 AM)


Wouldn't it be fun to throw a bunch of weenie blockers up, Entomb Akroma and other cards like that, then play Cairn Wanderer and this? Probably not the most effective thing in the world. But I totally want to hit my opponent with a protection-from-everything double strike deathtouch lifelink Savannah Lions.
Posted By: ExoM7 (7/18/2011 5:58:29 AM)


So if a creature is enchanted to have protection from all colors do all creatures have protection from all colors?
Posted By: gtamaster503 (7/27/2011 9:26:34 AM)


The art should have been of Pristine Angel and Serra Angel making out.
Posted By: Paleopaladin (10/1/2011 11:58:25 AM)


Combo with Death-Mask Duplicant?

In competitive, Dryad Sophisticate will almost definitely make all your creatures unblockable, although Beloved Chaplain is better.

Mirran Crusader, Paladin En-Vec, and Stillmoon Cavalier all grant powerful sets of abilities for 3. Elite Inquisitor and Mistmeadow Skulk are also cool. Knight of Dawn can be a good toolbox for protection (i.e. unblockability). If you're running a lot of artifacts, Etched Champion is really good, especially with something like Angelic Curator.

At higher (mid-range) costs, Pristine Angel is probably best, especially because Concerted Effort grants it a version of its own protection that lasts even while it's tapped!
Posted By: Ragamander (12/19/2011 2:20:38 AM)


The reason it is not a static and is a trigger instead is to give your opponent a chance to do something about it. Some colors have absolutely zero enchantment hate (look at Black). so killing the enchantment isn't an option.

Your opponent has two chances to stop your dudes.

When they enter the battlefield (as they wont have the abilities until the next upkeep) or when this triggers and goes on the stack at each upkeep.

Otherwise this card would be OP with decks that can make this enchantment a creature giving itself the effect as well.
Posted By: Virde (2/5/2012 2:05:38 PM)


if it's not on the card then no. no lifelink or deathtouch or something else
Posted By: Sacrier (9/12/2009 1:47:41 AM)


Wow, this is an amazing card all together. The only thing is that they should have definetly put flanking into the card as well. Flanking has been around forever, I don't see why it wouldn't be in there.
Posted By: KennAa (1/6/2009 7:16:57 AM)


Play it with Akroma, Angel of Wrath for epic win.
Posted By: SavageBrain89 (6/1/2009 6:52:30 PM)


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