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Sway of the Stars, 10WhiteBlueBlue, and almost any creatures = You win the game.
Posted By: HuntingDrake (5/24/2012 12:49:28 AM)


As people have been mentioned, everything leaves the field simultaneously, and everything hits the field again simultaneously.
Evermint, I think you're confusing the ordering part with how triggered abilities work. Creatures will hit the field at precisely the same time; there's no choosing what order they hit the field in. If multiple creatures with relevant triggered abilities hit the field simultaneously, they will each see all of the others hit the field. The part about where you choose the order things are done in applies to whatever triggered abilities come out of this.

So let's say you have an Ondu Cleric, a Hada Freeblade, and a Kazandu Blademaster coming back to the field. Each of them sees themselves and two other Allies hit play and thus they will each create three of their relevant triggers. For the cleric, since they all hit play at the same time you have three allies for the purpose of each of the triggers, s... (see all)
Posted By: Artscrafter (3/8/2011 11:22:06 AM)


Would be funny if you used this when your opponent uses Wrath of God.
Posted By: Bauble (8/26/2009 8:44:47 PM)


Anyone else think this card would be crazy with an ally deck?
Posted By: paragonic (2/1/2010 9:33:53 PM)


leave and come back at the same time, simultaneous. love the wrath of god combo.
Posted By: applecorn (1/27/2010 12:24:53 AM)


This card is veeeeeerrrrrryyyyy useful. I strongly recommend Eternal Witness.
Posted By: izzet_guild_mage (5/18/2010 12:55:56 PM)


In response to wrath (or any other sweeper) is the best way to play this card.

And while you might not be able to Isochron Scepter this, you can use Sunforger to fish it out...

I'm curious though, in what order do cards return to the battlefield? In the same order they left, in any order of their controller's choosing? Or do they return simultaneously?

This is important because of creatures with "enter the battlefield" type effects, to know what order their effects would go onto the stack. This could make or break some combo's I'm cooking up.

So does anyone know?
Posted By: Draycon (12/7/2009 7:42:09 PM)



When end of turn comes around, all creatures come back at the same time. Whoever casted the spell gets priority in choosing when each creature comes into play after Ghostway's delayed trigger resolves. It's similar to having multiple end-of-turn triggers.

So if you Ghostway'd a Hada Freeblade, a Soul Warden and a kazandu blademaster, you could choose for the Soul Warden to come in before the Blademaster and Freeblade. Note while actually laying out the creatures, the spell has already resolved so people cannot, say, Lightning Bolt the Soul Warden if it comes out first while Ghostway is still resolving.
Posted By: Evermint (6/29/2010 8:28:54 PM)


If it costed 1W or WW instead, it would be OP but it would fit in Scepter
Posted By: Qazior (11/13/2009 6:54:41 AM)


act of treason and you can do a control transfer.
Posted By: Kamidii (8/27/2010 10:17:41 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!