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At first I read it to say until end of next turn you can play the card as if it were an instant, which would be decent in some way. But on reread, I can think of no good reason to use this card.
Posted By: schacher (2/19/2010 10:54:48 PM)


would rather it was TapBlueRed: Draw a card. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? It would have better synergy with Niv-Mizzet, obviously.
Posted By: atemu1234 (6/21/2012 3:28:39 PM)


By god it's a izzet card. this is the izzet guild do weird crazy things to pull MORE sorcery's or instants.
Posted By: thaviel (3/11/2009 6:28:05 PM)


Wizzards, how bout if change the card rule to "you may cast that card without paying his mana cost" :( pleaseeeeee. Otherwise it shouldn't be uncommon =\ i think but common instead.
Posted By: SerraNo0811 (5/4/2011 4:39:30 AM)


Imagine if you used this to play one of the Ultimatums. Use ponder to get one on top of you library or Brainstorm, then use it for just 5. Not the most useful, but I think more deserving then a 2.
Posted By: Ganadote (11/15/2009 5:53:22 PM)


What if the card is a land? Can I play it as an instant on my opponents turn for zero casting cost, as if it's an instant?
Posted By: Enthusiast (1/8/2011 6:11:22 PM)


I came to check if the oracle said without the mana cost. It doesn't. Therefore, pretty damn bad.
Posted By: Trizeam (2/3/2011 1:44:11 PM)


For the longest time, I just assumed that it let you cast the spell for free and at instant speed until your next turn, because that's just sort of what you logically expect it to do.

I found out that was incorrect, but thought "okay, this is still decent, because at least it lets you cast it for free, you just need to make sure you get a spell that costs more than 4 on top of the library for it to be a good deal. Narrower, but still useful with some setup."

Aaaand I just recently found out that's wrong as well. Forget this card. Shame, because I love Izzet.
Posted By: Magnor_Criol (3/1/2011 5:51:17 PM)


dam it wizards why do u make such crap_+?
Posted By: Imperialstonedragon (3/25/2011 10:56:59 AM)


I'd rather just have a colorless land.
I mean, honestly, this thing gives niv-mizzet, the firemind a terrible name
Posted By: pedrodyl (8/17/2011 7:52:29 PM)


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