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Great in Turbofog!
Posted By: dingophone (2/5/2012 9:11:15 PM)


Whip it out for 'em on the forum Pops! Ppl gotta know dat quick, cheep way to infinite turn glory!!" - - "Alright there hot britches, cool yer jets... here goes!":
Turn 1: Forest - Magus of the Candelabra
Turn 2: Magosi - Sol Ring - Lotus Petal (any other quick mana-fix) - Rings of Brighthearth
Turn 3: Island - (further denoting that it is the most broken card in MTG: Play an Island, Tap for BLUE mana, win game) - Game
- - - Tap Magosi and Island, lose a turn - Tap Forest and Magus, Untap Magosi - Tap Magosi, gain back a turn; Tap Sol Ring and copy this last ability with "Ring of Brighthearth" - - - Next turn, drop a land... *Congratulations! You're a D*ck!* ;D

Oops, forgot a Fastbond -fix or the like for an additional land-drop... my bad 8P
Posted By: 8Netherwind8 (5/1/2012 2:44:39 AM)


So my friend used this against me. When I read it, my face exploded. When I recovered, I went and bought a playset. Heres to fast shipping.
Posted By: TheKazu (5/7/2013 6:32:48 PM)


I agree with Gheridarigaaz's line of thought.
1. Use the extra turn from this.
2. Cast Worldpurge.
3. Play your land for the turn, and a land on your extra turn.
4. Get pummeled by other players
Posted By: AnnoyingFogGuy (4/1/2014 5:44:09 PM)


I use this in a mono blue Stasis deck. Just skip the next turn when you already have the board under a stasis lock (just make sure Magosi is already untapped!). All this means to you is you can skip Stasis' upkeep payment for a turn.

Bounce the Stasis on your opponent's end step. Now you get TWO turns with untap before replaying Stasis. Should be enough to force a scoop or simply win.

Old school brutal blue, aided and abetted by modern goodies!
Posted By: SeriouslyFacetious (4/2/2014 4:42:42 PM)


A "fixed" Time Vault.

Use Giant Fan to move counters onto this.
Posted By: OlvynChuru (5/11/2014 1:27:27 PM)


Gatherer works better in the Companion app!