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Plays nice in token decks, since it's basically just a recurring creature that costs you some mana and one token every time it goes through
Posted By: LordRandomness (5/22/2013 1:25:05 AM)


This card is my favorite art in all of MTG. that's all.
Posted By: Naradak (6/4/2013 6:35:41 PM)


This plus Progenitus = Hydra Angel Avatar

but you can't enchant it. which sucks
Posted By: loltothelolz (6/21/2013 11:22:00 AM)


Rancor, only better and worse at the same time.
Posted By: Hussalo (6/29/2013 10:14:57 AM)


This card has won me quite a few games against some friends who really want to concede after being hit with 2 turns of a buffed Fiendslayer Paladin. Low cost for some crazy effect, and there are quite a few creatures to combo with. The only downside is that exiling also removes this card, but that usually isn't a problem.
Posted By: Sneetches (10/14/2013 11:36:26 AM)


This card is begging to be reprinted in Theros Block.
Posted By: democidist (10/20/2013 2:31:47 PM)


My absolute favourite combo: Deadly Recluse + this= 5/6, flying, first strike, deathtouch bad-assedness for total CC of 6. Bring it Griselbrand!!!!
Posted By: futte (10/22/2013 3:57:56 AM)


Demon Angels. Neat stuff.
Posted By: NinStarRune (12/11/2013 10:27:50 AM)


Always wanted to put this on griselbrand.
Posted By: overlord363 (12/20/2013 6:55:15 PM)


@krispyz: "dies" means put into the graveyard from the battlefield. exiling doesn't cause it to die, neither does dicarding or something like Entomb. I know, because I was once looking to abuse some Arcbound creatures with Splinter Twin.

@the card itself... wow. the ability for awesome typebars is unlimited. "creature-Wombat angel." *peter griffin giggle* "wombat angel"

and oh yeah, the amazing PT boost, flying first strike, recurrence. That's more for your money since Baneslayer Angel, which is odd because that's practically what you get when you have this on a creature.
Posted By: personsunknown (1/4/2014 10:37:51 PM)


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