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this is actually only the 2nd best card draw spell in "ALL" of magic, can u guess what would be the first technically ??

Hints: - its black
- costs one black mana to use

now im not gunna say that this card sux by any long shot, this is more legal and popular that everyone knows than that black card.

Posted By: thisisthedave1 (12/15/2013 8:07:29 PM)


Easy. Contract from Below...
Posted By: supafly13 (12/15/2013 9:45:38 PM)


I remember when my friend was introducing magic, I was convinced that it was hugely balanced (I used to do Yugioh).

So, in order to convince me otherwise, first he showed me Timetwister. But I just said "man, we have morphing jar, which is like that, plus a creature, all in one!"

Then, he showed me Black Lotus. But I just (obviously hugely mistakenly) said "man, we have double summon which will give us tempo for the price of a card advantage, and we don't even think of it as good!"

Then, he showed me this. The next sound I made sounded somewhat like choking.
Posted By: MonoTroller (12/24/2013 11:48:26 PM)


Multiply the mana cost by 5 and you have a decent and balanced card. Probably the best card ever outside of contract from below.
Posted By: Yakone (1/10/2014 12:46:42 AM)


I vote this as best card for the fact that it is one of the only cards that you will play the moment it hits your hand, and 99.9% of the time you will have the mana.

The rest of the power 9:
1) Black Lotus, you need to have things worth spending 3 mana on, and you have to sacrifice it, so it provides card disadvantage.
2-6) Moxen, not strictly better than a land unless you draw them on turn 1 or 2
7) Time Walk, needs great timing to be superbly effective
8) Time Twister, which imo comes closest to Ancestral Recall, but can in rare cases help your opponent, and it is 3x the cost of Ancestral Recall for less than 2x the card advantage on a good day

I'm not saying the downsides of these cards don't warrant playing them, just that there is no reason not to play this every time you draw Ancestral Recall.
Posted By: shotoku64 (2/28/2014 10:52:52 AM)


I think that it's not entirely fair to compare Lotus Bloom, which I entirely agree with you is a Black Lotus with Suspend 3, with Ancestral Vision seeing as a 3 extra mana, making your mana 7 without Ramping, isn't that much swing as there are a lot of other cards that can make you be on 7 mana + if you play mana ramp. But on turn 1, as with Black Lotus, is a lot more. 3 extra cards on turn 5 is a something completely different than 3 extra mana since mana in late game becomes much less of an issue and not at all as important (especially with temporary mana), card draw on the other hand is never invalid. As such I don't think it's an entirely fair to compare these two cards in order to answer wether or not BL or AR is the better card.
Posted By: Takno (5/15/2014 1:19:57 AM)