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@bazzoka Um, yeah, Emrakul dies from being thrown off a boat, what's your point?

@lilwolf2005 You know this is in the same set as Withengar Unbound right? I feel -13/-13 is just right, when taking that into account.
Posted By: SquirePath (2/13/2014 8:36:21 PM)


Strictly funnier than Doom Blade.
Posted By: Tigt (2/15/2014 8:02:46 AM)


Me: "Innocent Blood"
Opponent: "Hah! I just sacrifice this 1/1 soldier token and-"
Me: "Slip."
Opponent: "..."
Posted By: Reishyn (3/20/2014 7:23:21 PM)


I love all the wonderful story's this card creates, 'A giant robot of Phyrexian origin just fell into a hole and fell apart' or 'An Eldrazi god slipped and bumped his head to death' This is one of the most playable removal spells in EDH in a long time.

5/5 Stars
Posted By: Hunter06 (5/5/2014 7:46:44 AM)


One of the few cards so awesome that I have to keep myself from adding four copies into every black deck I make. I prefer mixing it up and using as many of the decent to great cards in my collection as possible over time, but this card and Vines of Vastwood always jump into the mix anytime I start building a new deck of their given color.

Overall, I'd almost always prefer a kill card that can wipe out indestructible creatures over any other as well, so even if this card costed another mana or even two more I'd still likely heavily favor it. Even if the flavor is ridiculous given the power level of the card :D
Posted By: Malevaros (5/27/2014 5:03:11 PM)


Okay, for the card's flavor: It channels death as a weapon. If something died, it can use that death to supercharge itself. If nothing has recently, it only has the one mana the mage put into it to work with.
Posted By: manaderp (6/7/2014 6:28:21 AM)