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This card makes all other 6-mana blue creatures look bad
Posted By: Eustache_the_Moose (12/19/2013 2:34:21 AM)


@MagicTheGaythering Please tell me you're not that stupid. Please. Mythic is a rarity, and has 0 impact on actual gameplay. 'Dies to removal' is ridiculous. This is blue. We have things called counters, you know.
Posted By: OstravaBoletaria (1/25/2014 12:28:06 PM)


Dang, I'm glad I picked a few of these up half a year ago back when they were 7 bucks, not 14 and climbing...
Posted By: mrchuckmorris (2/11/2014 10:55:45 PM)


Anyone bothered to look at how ridiculously crazy the art is?
Posted By: blurrymadness (2/12/2014 3:29:04 PM)


metaleviolence, you're a very funny person.
Posted By: car2n (2/18/2014 8:03:35 PM)


And another ugly, broken as hell card... This card is just overpowered. Even if it would be 1 card to draw, it already would be very good. I really wonder what they were thinking when they made it, and why it still isnt banned in EDH... The banlist in EDH is just hillarious, and this creature is a perfect example for this. 0.5/5
Posted By: Sootoo (3/6/2014 2:13:53 AM)


He's not broken, he costs six mana with a somewhat heavy color weight. Hell, he's not even the best card draw fatty to cheat out with a reanimator or show and tell (Griselbrandtakes the cake here, then probably jin-gitaxias,core augur)
Just because you lost to a card doesn't make it broken. This card is hilarious when it hits play and a whole lotta fun. It's very powerful but not broken by any means. yawgmoth's bargain is broken, this card is not.
Posted By: Lazrbeams (3/10/2014 10:23:24 AM)


@Syrtees: The card says "may."
Posted By: j_mindfingerpainter (4/18/2014 3:39:34 PM)