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The best part is, you can exile your own hand, and not risk the opponent dumping some instant! The biggest problem with doing that, though, is massive card disadvantage when the opponent removes Karn...
Posted By: Superllama12 (8/11/2011 8:53:40 PM)


I agree with it being very sloppy wording... nobody will know what "restart the game" means... it should have been something more like "all players reshuffle their hands, graveyards and all cards on the battle field in to their library draw 7 cards, every player's health becomes 20 and all counters on players are removed. each player can perform a mulligan at this time." there now that's better right??? *totally sarcastic*
Posted By: infinight (8/20/2011 10:56:29 AM)


Karn is an suitably epic planeswalker, and ever since Ghostfire (which happens to look fantastic in Knights vs. Dragons) I've been interested in colorless stuff. The frames always look awesome, and they make sense because the only way to represent it is with nothing. All the colorless Eldrazi spells look amazing, and the tokens too.
Things like Steel Hellkite fascinate me too, the white glow in its mouth and the colorless firebreathing ability. Cards such as that and All is Dust represent pure, massive power and that's really cool.
Anyone who's ever seen a spirit token from Champions knows how much of a shame it is ):
I guess I just like the aesthetics of things
Posted By: axiobeta (8/22/2011 8:01:11 AM)


I love how his first ability is kind of like his mental cap but using it on others, his second ability is the Legacy Weapon and his third is time travel! Awesome! That's pretty much everything.
Posted By: Tori_Rofocale (8/23/2011 12:42:25 AM)


I run Karn in a land destruction/discard deck, and he fits perfectly.
Also one time, I -3'd the three empire artifacts, and then used his final. It was epic.
Posted By: pedrodyl (8/30/2011 5:02:59 PM)


While it is true that virtually any other planeswalker's ultimate can kill Karn with a relative degree of ease, Karn's -2 can exile any of those planeswalkers even more easily, and his ultimate can give you control of any of them that he has exiled on an otherwise empty board. I'd say the balance is still in his favor for any Planeswalker vs. Planeswalker bout, save for Nicol Bolas, whose other-planeswalker destruction effect is slightly nicer in that it adds loyalty, rather than removing it.
Posted By: Qoios-Mauryn (9/20/2011 5:18:24 AM)


Is able to exile Emrakul
Posted By: Kura-san (9/25/2011 12:05:12 AM)


Karn, Karn, Karn... You cheap sell-out. :P

I remember this card going for over 50$ just before New Phyrexia hit the shelves, now he's like 14$...
Posted By: Lord_of_Tresserhorn (9/25/2011 6:39:57 AM)


Rocks as a win-condition in a control deck. Seven mana is steep, but a control deck should stretch the game to reach it. He's the toughest Planeswalker to kill with raw damage, and will instantly take out an opponents card when he hits play, maintaining card advantage even if he immediately eats a Maelstrom Pulse or similar removal. Should be rated higher.
Posted By: Angrypossum (9/27/2011 6:15:33 PM)


About the time I was learning the player types, this card came out, and it really helped to illustrate the division.
Timmy: Wow, ten loyalty on his first turn, his first two abilities alone are bombs, and his final essentially reads "GG."
Johnny: Just once, if I could exile a Barren Glory and then pop his ultimate, the looks on my opponent's face would be priceless.
Spike: Even though it's colorless, CMC of 7 means it will never see competitive play outside green.
Vorthos: I knew Karn would never submit to the Phyrexians. It's payback time!
Posted By: Gareth32 (1/26/2012 11:29:01 PM)


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