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With more than one, talk about abuse with Psychosis Crawler,Whirlpool Rider and Whirlpool Warrior. Draw to kill EVERYONE! And it is possible to deal 40-50+ damage EVERY TURN. Lifegainers can't quite keep up with that.

And some of the best abuse comes with Prosperity.
Posted By: Harleau (3/11/2011 5:07:54 PM)


Funny card! Change totally the way to play the game, as soon as it hits the field. Combo enabler, but even as a draw deterrent it does its job (Sort of Chains of Mephistopheles or Underworld Dreams)!

Posted By: leomistico (7/4/2011 3:53:09 AM)


They changed Mana Vault to "beginning of draw" because the game rules don't recognize "end of upkeep" any more.
Posted By: sonorhC (7/25/2011 11:42:00 PM)


just wondered now that they have curse cards in dark ascension and innistrad if this is now considered a curse card as well specifically to be used with curse of misfortunes
Posted By: hellrider14 (3/10/2012 11:31:43 AM)


"just wondered now that they have curse cards in dark ascension and innistrad if this is now considered a curse card as well specifically to be used with curse of misfortunes"

No, it's not. They didn't errata it to be a Curse, so it's not a Curse. They don't generally errata things like that. Even if it would make sense for this to be a Curse as that mechanic is designed, they don't like to errata things unless it actually doesn't work at all.

Also, all Curses say "enchant player", just in case you want to cast Curse of the Bloody Tome on yourself, but this says "enchant opponent", because it would break the game if you could cast it on yourself.
Posted By: cybishop (4/7/2012 6:49:59 AM)


A really fun thing to do is hit your opponent with this and then hit them with Forced Fruition while you hold onto things like Library of Leng and/or Jace's Erasure. Maybe combine with Cerebral Vortex to avoid getting the card disadvantage.
Posted By: Nagazel (8/8/2012 10:50:05 PM)


Nin, the pain artist
Posted By: battleofwits (4/3/2013 11:07:39 AM)


Oh, is that a Notion Thief on your side? Have I got a nasty surprise for you...
Posted By: Continue (7/5/2013 12:39:43 PM)


wtf with your opponent's Consecrated Sphinx?! "I guess we'll just draw out our decks?"

also, Prosperity
Posted By: raptorman333 (9/20/2013 6:19:35 AM)



There seem to be a couple really big flaws with that interpretation.

First off, State-Based Actions are absolutely checked while things are on the stack. If they weren't, stacking a lighting bolt that reduces your opponent to zero on top of their lifegain spell would result in them surviving, which of course isn't how the game works. State-based actions are checked any time a player would gain priority, which occurs at least every time a spell resolves. So Possession drops off your opponent and into your graveyard immediately after Donate resolves. It doesn't stick around to see the card draws from Ancestral Recall, so it actually does nothing in this scenario.

But even then, I'm not entirely sure how you think the "forced draw out" is supposed to happen regardless of whether Possession stays on the board or not. Assuming state-based actions somehow aren't checked, if you donate Possession to your opponent then they're still enchanted and now the "draw a card... (see all)
Posted By: Antsache (2/16/2014 7:25:52 AM)